Keri Hilson

Birth Name: Keri Lynn Hilson

Place of Birth: Decatur, Georgia, U.S.

Date of Birth: December 5, 1982

Ethnicity: African-American

Keri Hilson is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer. Her parents are both black.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. ethnic says:

    Hey Wat??? welcome back to the site. interesting comment. Ill be more careful from now on

  2. Wat??? says:

    LMAO @ Lame! you sound like my light skinned cousins. When someone even insinuates that they are mixed they are ready to fight!

    I asked them why they get mad and they said that they hate when people do that b/c it makes them seem like their not good enough to be black. I told them that almost every AA no matter what colour they are have some kind of mixture do to slavery, and that they shouldn’t care what other people say. For as long as they know who they are, then nothing else should matter.

    Some guy at my school called my friends worsem azz sister mixed and she got historical!
    she said she’s not no [email protected] mixed b!tch(her words not mine!)

    (both of her parents and grandparents on both sides are dark skinned).

    Ppl might not know this but “SOME” light skins get highly upset at this type of ish! So I’d be careful before saying stuff like this to them! lol TRUST ME!

    @ BeautyJo Yeah I have a friend that’s Ethiopian too and she is the same way! IDK how some people think they are what they call n LMAO @ this…”DARK SKINNED CAUCASIANS” LOL when I call her that she gets pissed, lol she says she’s more “AFRICAN” then I am!

    p.s. I hope i didn’t offend anyone who is mixed. That’s not my character. I have way too many mixed relatives to be prejudice. lol

    p.s.s. Long time no talk Ethnic! Hows it goin?

  3. hellohello says:

    judging from her complexion and that she is from america there is a very high possibillity that she has european ancestry whether she knows it or not, yep shes ‘black’ but the description black is a very vague same as the term ‘white’.she most definatley has the more dominant african gene .Judging her to 90% of afrcians from the continent (NOT NORTH) you can clearly see a difference. There’s two many ‘proud n black’ peaple on this site to associate this beautiful lady with someone of european ancestry of which is highly possible .

  4. Lauren says:

    HelloKitty your dumb I am Mixed. Thats how I know so much about light skinned blacks. DUH

  5. BeautyJo says:

    Whoever said Ethiopians are white are hella wrong, my best friend whom is like a sister to me, is Ethiopian and considers herself balck, and gets very angry when people insists Ethiopians are white. The only reason Ethiopians are considered white is because they have “caucasoid” features it has absolutely nothing to do with their DNA. Also Somalis are not white, I hang out with a lot of Africans all my best friends are Africans. I am Latin, Native American, African and European but i consider myself African American.

    • OMG says:

      omg..ive never heard anyone refer to ethiopians as white… it makes sense, people are always steadily chipping away at the african continent trying to distance certain countries from the rest of black africa like what they did to egypt.

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