Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez Signs Copies of His New Book Out of The Ballpark

Rodriguez in 2007, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez

Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 27, 1975

Ethnicity: Dominican Republic

Alex Rodriguez is an American professional baseball player. A shortstop and third baseman, he played for the Seattle Mariners, the Texas Rangers, and the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB). He is also known as A-Rod.

His parents, Lourdes and Victor Rodriguez, are Dominican. He was born in the United States, but spent some time in the Dominican Republic in his youth. He is able to speak Spanish as well as English. The majority of Dominicans, about 73 percent, are multiracial, while the remainder are of majority African or European descent. Rodriguez appears to be of mixed heritage, which would mean he possibly has African, European, and Native Taíno heritage.

In a 2005 article on, Alex stated, “I am going to play for the Dominican Republic, and I am going to make the Dominicans feel proud,” in the lead up to the first World Baseball Classic.

Alex has two children with his former wife Cynthia Scurtis.

Alex’s paternal grandfather was named Andres Rodriguez Varona (the son of Mariano Rodriguez Objio).

Alex’s paternal grandmother was named Zenovia Marcano Rodriguez (the daughter of Aurelia Castillo de Marcano).

Source: Genealogy of Alex Rodriguez (focusing on his father’s side) –

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. mayra.santana says:

    People go to Punta Cana and come back saying all Dominicans are black! In reality Punta Cana is full of Haitians. In fact there are more Haitians therethan Dominicans. Santo Domingo and Punta Cana have the highest concentration of them. There are about 3 million Haitians in the DR and the population is only 10 million. If you want to see real ethnic Dominicans go to Santiago and Cibao.

  2. mayra.santana says:

    Since people are so obsessed with Dominicans and their race nowadays let just say this. As a puerto rican women I can say This man is not black! Genetically and scientifically he looks like the average quadroon. His phenotype is European. The average Dominican is 60% European, 30% African and 10% Taino. He obviously has far more European.

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