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LOS ANGELES - FEB 16:  Victor Rasuk at the Triple 9 Premiere at

Rasuk in 2016, photo by Joe Seer/

Birth name: Victor Abraham Rasuk

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 28, 1985

Ethnicity: Dominican Republic [Lebanese, Spanish, African]

Victor Rasuk is an American actor. He started acting at the age of fourteen, at performing arts school. He starred in the film Raising Victor Vargas (2002) and on the HBO series How to Make it in America.

Victor’s family is from the Dominican Republic. His brother is actor Silvestre Rasuk.

Victor’s paternal grandfather was Victor Salvador Rasuk Risk (the son of Abraham Rasuk Bitara and América Jorge Risk). Abraham and América were of Lebanese descent.

Victor’s paternal grandmother was named Cleotilde Mercedes Garcia.


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. bablah says:

    Birth name: Victor Abraham Rasuk

    I’m now convinced I have his grandparents correct. They appear on a family tree of Sulay Rasuk, and Victor has a sister named Sulay. I Don’t know who his mother is. His father married a woman named Rita Villiaman, but that was a few years after his birth, so I’m not sure if she’s his biological mother.

  2. bablah says:

    I think his paternal grandparents were Victor Salvador Rasuk Risk and Cleotilde Mercedes Garcia.
    Victor was the son of Abraham Rasuk Bitara and America Jorge Risk, both of Lebanese descent.

  3. gmillaz says:

    correction dominican republic

  4. Cherdan says:

    Mmm he’s so fine.

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