Rebecca Hall

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Place of Birth: London, England

Date of Birth: May 3, 1982

*English (father)
*African-American, Dutch (mother)

Rebecca Hall is a British-American actress. She is known for her roles in the films Vicky Cristina Barcelona, The Gift, and Godzilla Vs. Kong, among many others. Her father, Peter Hall, was English-born, and was a director who founded the Royal Shakespeare Company. Her mother, Maria Ewing, is American-born, and is an opera singer and actress. Rebecca is married to American actor Morgan Spector, with whom she has one child.

Rebecca’s father was of English descent. Rebecca’s maternal grandfather was born to parents who were both of part African ancestry; he also had possible Scottish and Sioux Native American ancestry. Rebecca’s maternal grandmother, who was caucasian, was Dutch.

Rebecca’s half-siblings are producer Christopher Hall, actress, musician, and journalist Jennifer Caron Hall, stage director Edward Hall, set designer Lucy Hall, and actress Emma Hall. Christopher and Jennifer’s mother is actress Leslie Caron.

Rebecca’s paternal grandfather was Reginald Edward Arthur Hall (the son of George Hall and Edith Kate Mitchell). Reginald was born in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England. George was the son of John Hall and Mahala Vincent. Edith was the daughter of John Mitchell and Elizabeth Ann Tindall.

Rebecca’s paternal grandmother was Grace Florence Pamment (the daughter of Frederick William Pamment and Phyllis Louisa Wilson). Grace was born in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England. Frederick was the son of Charles Edwin Pamment, Jr. and Jane Linsey. Phyllis was the daughter of Henry Wilson and Elizabeth.

Rebecca’s maternal grandfather, Norman Isaac Ewing, was born in Washington, D.C., c. 1892-1894 (most likely in 1894). Both of Norman’s parents were of at least part African ancestry. Norman was the son of John William Ewing and Hattie Norman, who married on July 16, 1885 in Washington, D.C. On the 1910 U.S. Census, John is listed as born in Tennessee and Hattie, the daughter of Isaac Franklin Norman and Amanda Jane Myers, is listed as born in Ohio.

On the 1910 U.S. Census, Norman’s “race” is listed as “Mulatto” (mixed race), and so is the “race” of both of his parents. At this time, Norman’s birth place is listed as Virginia, and his residence place is listed as Washington, D.C.

On the 1915 South Dakota State Census, Norman’s race is listed as “Indian” (Native American), and on the 1920 U.S. Census, his “race” is again listed as “Indian”. On the 1920 U.S. Census, his birthplace is listed as Washington, D.C., while his father’s birthplace is listed as Oregon and his mother’s birthplace is listed as Washington, D.C. It is perhaps notable that the woman he was married to at this time, Margaret “Maggie” Culbertson (who was not Rebecca’s maternal grandmother), is listed as “Indian” on the 1920 Census also. It is not clear if Norman had documented Native American ancestry. Some African-Americans told census takers that their race was “Indian.”

Rebecca’s maternal grandmother was Hermina Maria Veraar (the daughter of Robertus Veraar and Hermina M. Vernellen). Rebecca’s grandmother Hermina was Dutch, and was born in Amsterdam. She was white.

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  1. transemacabre says:

    Norman Isaac Ewing gives his birthdate as 7 May 1894 on his WW1 draft registration card.

    Isaac Franklin Norman appears on the 1850 census in Washington co. OH. His father was Aquilla Norman (born Virginia) and his mother was Mary Fisher (born Pennsylvania). There’s a marriage record for Aquilla and Mary in 1828 in Washington co. OH. Mary’s father Richard, at 90 years old, was also living with the family in 1850 and his birthplace is Maryland

    Aquilla was named as one of the heirs to Fortune Norman when she died in 1841 in Washington co. OH. She was the widow of Bazabel Norman, who was taxed as a “free negro” in Frederick co. VA in 1802. We know that Fortune’s maiden name was Stephens as she attests in her application for a pension, and that she had a brother named James Stephens. She and Bazabel were married in 1782 in Montgomery co. MD.

    Bazabel’s mother was Henrietta Norman, who was bound to Samuel Selby and then William Deakins in Prince George’s county. Henrietta’s mother in turn was Rebecca (Beck) Norman who was convicted of “Mullatto Bastardry” in 1746 for giving birth to her. Rebecca, or Beck, was born in 1720, when Elizabeth Norman confessed that she’d had a child by a “Mullato man of William Digge’s” and both she and her daughter were sold into servitude.

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