Grace Fulton

Date of Birth: July 17, 1996

Ethnicity: English, Swedish, Italian, Polish

Grace Fulton is an American actress and dancer.

She is the daughter of Alisa and Damian Fulton. Her brother is actor Soren Fulton. Her great-aunt was actress Joan Shawlee.

Grace’s paternal grandfather was Albert Andrew Fulton (the son of Theodore Ceyler Fulton and Esther L. Ring). Albert was born in New York. Theodore was born in China, to American parents from Ohio, Albert A. Fulton and Florence W. Wishard. Esther was the daughter of Swedish parents, John A. Ring and Anna.

Grace’s paternal grandmother was Marie Louise Cornell (the daughter of Edward Cornell and Margaret Free).

Grace’s maternal grandparents’ surnames were Genovese and Olech.

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