Cindy Crawford

2012 International Press Academy of Beverly Hills' Satellite Awards

Crawford in 2012, photo by PrPhotos

Birth Name: Cynthia Ann Crawford

Place of Birth: DeKalb, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 20, 1966

Ethnicity: English, one eighth Danish, as well as Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, German, distant Irish and Welsh, remote French and Jersey Channel Islander

Cindy Crawford is an American supermodel and actress. She is the daughter of Jennifer Sue (née Walker; re-marriage surname Moluf) and Daniel Kenneth Crawford. Cindy is married to businessperson and model Rande Gerber, who is Jewish; their children are Presley Gerber and Kaia Gerber, both of whom have also modeled.

Cindy has English, one eighth Danish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Scottish, German, distant Irish and Welsh, and remote French and Jersey Channel Islander, ancestry. Some of her family lines have lived in the United States since the 1600s.

Cindy, along with her then-husband, actor Richard Gere, were selected People Magazine’s “Sexiest Couple Alive” in 1993 (instead of the annual “Sexiest Man Alive”).

Cindy’s paternal grandfather was Kenneth Leroy Crawford (the son of David Paul Crawford and Amelia Christine/Christina Marie Hansen/Hanson). Kenneth was born in Wisconsin. David was in Ballymoney, co. Arntrim, Ulster, Ireland, the son of James Paul Crawford and Isabella McCaughey. Amelia was born in Wisconsin, the daughter of Danish parents, Ebbe Hansen and Agathe Marie/Mary Christine Christenvisen/Christensen.

Cindy’s paternal grandmother was Ramona Eileen Hemingway (the daughter of Frank Randall Hemingway and Hazel Mae Brown). Ramona was born in Minnesota. Frank was the son of Louis Randall Hemingway and Carrie Mae/May Salisbury. Hazel was the daughter of Thomas William Brown and Mary Jane Marsh.

Cindy’s maternal grandfather was James Richard Walker (the son of James Dudley Walker and Leola Margaret Wheeler). Cindy’s grandfather James was born in Tennessee. Cindy’s great-grandfather James was the son of William Samuel Grundy Walker and Mary Williams Sneed. Leola was the daughter of Samuel Simeon Wheeler and Rachel/Rachael Jane “Jennie” Carman.

Cindy’s maternal grandmother was Dorothy May/Mae Montgomery (the daughter of Almon Montgomery and Ada Belle Kallembach). Dorothy was born in Illinois. Almon was the son of Thomas Jefferson Montgomery and Rachel Ann Le Master/LeMaster/Lemasters. Ada was the daughter of Frederick/Fred J. Kallembach and Sarah/Sally/Sallie C. Pardon.

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Finnish-Italian guy,

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  1. americansrallmixed says:

    Looks fully hispanic like her daughter.

    • delicatedreams says:

      “Fully hispanic”? Like a Spaniard? Yes that I could see.

    • G177S says:

      No such thing as hispanic “looking” because it is not a racial identity. It’s purely a latin-american/spanish linguistic term more so than a modern term for ethnicity these days.

      Anyone could fall under “hispanic” regardless of their race, as long as they are from the same spanish speaking countries.

      If you referred to her looks with “Hispanic” but you meant a Spaniard (White person) that would’ve made more sense.

    • Anto says:

      except neither of their kids are “hispanic” ( ik he obviously meant latino, as in mixed ameridian+white) since neither she nor her partner are “hispanic”, anyways most of you people usually see someone who doesn’t look fully Anglo/Germanic and immediately assume non-European admixture, this is kind of how most pure (with no non-European mix) Italic, French, Spanish and even Greek or Balkan people look like…. Anglo-centered worldview smh

  2. andrew says:

    President Nixon and Cindy Crawford are 7th cousins, twice removed, through Joshua Hemingway, Sr, and Joanna Evans

  3. andrew says:

    Cindy’s 9th great-grandparents, Ralph Hemingway and Elizabeth Hewes, were also Ernest Hemingway’s 7th great-grandparents. Ernest descends twice from them, because his great-grandafather Allen Hemingway’s parents were first cousins.

    • andrew says:

      This makes Cindy and Ernest Hemingway 8th cousins, twice removed.

      Through Ralph Hemingway and Elizabeth Hewes, President Nixon and Ernest Hemingway are 8th cousins, once removed.

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