Danny Tamberelli

by Manila on December 9, 2017

Birth Name: Daniel Paul Tamberelli

Place of Birth: Wyckoff, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 8, 1982

Ethnicity: Irish, Italian

Danny Tamberelli is an American actor, comedian, and musician.

He is the son of Sally (possibly Kelly) and Paul B. Tamberelli.

Danny’s paternal grandfather was Alfred John “Tam” Tamberelli (the son of Samuel “Sam” Tamberelli and Sophie Felicia Licata). Samuel was an Italian emigrant, from Nicastro, Catanzaro. Sophie was also an Italian emigrant.

Danny’s paternal grandmother was Ellen Noreen “Skip” Hogan (the daughter of Daniel Joseph Hogan and Mary Harnett). Daniel was of Irish descent, and was the son of Canadian emigrant Daniel J[oseph] Hogan and Mary E. Danny’s great-grandmother Mary was an Irish emigrant.

A picture of Danny’s maternal grandmother can be seen here.

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Mateusz Morawiecki

by Manila on December 9, 2017

Birth Name: Mateusz Jakub Morawiecki

Place of Birth: Wrocław, Poland

Date of Birth: 20 June, 1968

Ethnicity: Polish, 1/4 Czech, 1/16 German

Mateusz Morawiecki is a Polish politician, manager, banker, economist, lawyer, and historian. He is the Prime Minister-designate of Poland. He has been the Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, since 16 November, 2015, the Minister of Development, since 16 November, 2015, and the Minister of Finance, since 28 September, 2016.

He is the son of Jadwiga (Różyczka) Morawiecka and activist Kornel Andrzej Morawiecki.

Prime Minister-designate Morawiecki is married to Iwona Bednarek, with whom he has four children.

Prime Minister-designate Morawiecki’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his sixth great-grandfather, Tomasz Morawicki.

Prime Minister-designate Morawiecki’s paternal grandfather was Michał Andrzej Morawiecki (the son of Michał Morawiecki and Helena Szymańska). Prime Minister-designate Morawiecki’s great-grandfather Michał was the son of Ignacy Morawiecki and Paulina Tytko.

Prime Minister-designate Morawiecki’s paternal grandmother was Jadwiga Szumańska (the daughter of Władysław Klaudiusz Szumański and Józefa Zofia Kałużna). Władysław was the son of Karol Szumański and Anna Ołga Leykam, who was of German descent.

Prime Minister-designate Morawiecki’s maternal grandfather was Henry Joseph Ruzicka (or Henryk Józef Różyczka in Polish, the son of Petr “Peter” Ružička and Antónia “Annie” Kuřátková). Joseph was born in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, to Czech emigrants. Petr was the son of Petr “Peter” Ružička. Antónia was the daughter of Václav “James” Kuřátko.

Prime Minister-designate Morawiecki’s maternal grandmother was Rozalia Pilarska.

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Leslie Charteris

by Manila on December 7, 2017

Birth Name: Leslie Charles Bowyer-Yin

Date of Birth: 12 May, 1907

Place of Birth: Singapore

Date of Death: 15 April, 1993

Place of Death: Windsor, Berkshire, England

*Han Chinese (father)
*English (mother)

Leslie Charteris was an English author and screenwriter. He created the antihero Simon Templar, “The Saint”.

Leslie’s father, Yin Suat Chuan, was a Chinese physician, from Amoy (now Xiamen), Fujian. He himself claimed to be able to trace his lineage back to the emperors of the Shang Dynasty. Leslie’s mother, Lydia Florence Bowyer, was English, from London.

Leslie was married to actress Audrey Gwendoline Long. He was previously married to Pauline Schishkin, with whom he has a daughter; Clara Marie “Barbara” Meyer; and Elizabeth Bryant Borst.

Leslie’s maternal grandfather was John Henry Bowyer (the son of John Mace Bowyer and Mary Ann Lydia Sutton).

Leslie’s maternal grandmother was Emily Mary Tadman (the daughter of Henry Edward Tadman and Mary Ann Elizabeth Colesworthy). Henry was the daughter of Henry Tadman and Mary Elizabeth Cornwell. Leslie’s great-grandmother Mary Ann was the daughter of William Colesworthy and Caroline Wood.

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David Ben-Gurion

by Manila on December 7, 2017

Birth Name: David Grün

Date of Birth: 16 October, 1886

Place of Birth: Płońsk, Congress Poland (now part of Masovian Voivodeship, Poland)

Date of Death: 1 December, 1973

Place of Death: Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv District, Israel

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

David Ben-Gurion was an Israeli statesman. He was the primary national founder of the State of Israel.

He served as the 1st Prime Minister of Israel, from 17 May, 1948 to 26 January, 1954, and later again, from 3 November, 1955 to 26 June, 1963. He was also the Chairman of the Provisional State Council of Israel, from 14 May, 1948 to 16 May, 1948; as well as the Minister of Defense, from 14 May, 1948 to 26 January, 1954, and again from 21 February, 1955 to 26 June, 1963.

His father, Avigdor Grün, was a lawyer and a leader in the Hovevei Zion movement. His mother, Scheindel (Broitman), died when he was eleven.

Prime Minister Ben-Gurion was married to Paula Munweis, with whom he had three children.

Prime Minister Ben-Gurion’s paternal grandparents were Zvi Green (later Grün, the son of David Zelig Green) and Machla Brynn.

Prime Minister Ben-Gurion’s maternal grandfather was David Joseph Broitman (the son of Mejloch Broitman and Tauba Kohn).

Prime Minister Ben-Gurion’s maternal grandmother was Maria Perla Sura Rotblatt (the daughter of Hersz Gersha Rotblatt and Shayfra).

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Chaim Weizmann

by Manila on December 7, 2017

Birth Name: Chaim Azriel Weizmann

Date of Birth: 27 November, 1874

Place of Birth: Motal, Russian Empire (now Motal, Ivanava Raion, Belarus)

Date of Death: 9 November, 1952

Place of Death: Rehovot, Israel

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Chaim Weizmann was an Israeli statesman. He served as the 1st President of Israel, from 17 February, 1949 to 9 November, 1952, and the 2nd Chairman of the Provisional State Council of Israel, from 16 May, 1948 to 17 February, 1949.

His father, Ozier (Fialkov) Weizmann, was a timber merchant. His mother, Rachel Leah (Chemerinsky), joined in migration to Mandatory Palestine (now Israel).

President Weizmann was married to physician Vera Rebecca Chatzman, with whom he had two sons.

President Weizmann’s nephew was military officer Ezer Weizman, who also became the 7th President of Israel.

President Weizmann’s paternal grandfather was Chaim Azriel Fialkov (the son of Falk Fialkov and Malka).

President Weizmann’s paternal grandmother was Gittel Rivka Chereminsky (the daughter of Feivel Chemerinsky and Rahel/Rehle Weingarten). Feivel was the son of Itsko Yitzhak Chemerinsky and Sheina Hayah. Rahel/Rehle was the daughter of Yechiel Michal Weingarten.

President Weizmann’s maternal grandfather was Yechiel Michel Chemerinsky (the son of Moshe Avigdor Chemerinsky and Hayah). Moshe was the son of David Yehoshua “Shaya” Chemerinsky.

President Weizmann’s maternal grandmother was Fruma Chemerinsky (the daughter of Moshe Yitzhak Chemerinsky and Miriam).

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