Alice Wetterlund

Birth Name: Alice Lee Wetterlund

Place of Birth: Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: May 16, 1981

*37.5% Danish
*25% German
*25% Swedish
*12.5% Norwegian

Alice Wetterland is an American stand-up comedian and actress.

Alice is the daughter of Kristi Alice (Peick) and Glenn Alan/Allan Wetterlund.

Alice’s mother is of a quarter German, a quarter Norwegian, a quarter Swedish, and a quarter Danish descent. Alice’s father is of half-Danish, a quarter Swedish, and a quarter German, descent.

Alice’s paternal grandfather was Winfred Edwin Wetterlund (the son of James R. Wetterlund and Tillie L. Schultz). James was born in Minnesota, to parents from Sweden. Tillie was born in Iowa, to parents from Germany.

Alice’s paternal grandmother was Evelyn/Eveline Christine Jensen (the daughter of Jens C. Hensen and Alma H. Jorgensen). Evelyn was born in Minnesota, to parents from Denmark.

Alice’s maternal grandfather was Robert Stuart Peick (the son of Glenn S. Peick and Margaret Dieseth). Glenn was the son of Adolph Peick and Katherine. Margaret was the daughter of Albert Dieseth and Annie.

Adolph was born in Wisconsin, to a father from France, who was likely of German origin, and a mother from Germany. Katherine was born in Iowa, to parents from Germany. Margaret was born in Minnesota, to parents from Norway.

Alice’s maternal grandmother was June Ethel Peterson (the daughter of William J. Peterson and Signa/Signe V. Erickson). Signa was the daughter of Oscar L. Erickson and Emma.

William was born in Wyoming, to parents from Denmark. Signa was born in Wisconsin, to parents from Sweden.

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