Xabi Alonso

2011 Soccer - Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur European Cup Press Conference - April 12, 2011

Alonso in 2011, photo by Prphotos.com

Birth Name: Xabier Alonso Olano

Place of Birth: Tolosa, Spain

Date of Birth: 25 November, 1981

Ethnicity: Spanish, Basque

Xabi Alonso is a Spanish professional footballer and football manager. He is of Basque ethnicity.

Xabi is the son of Periko Alonso (Miguel Ángel Alonso Oyarbide) and Isabel Olano. His father is a footballer who represented Spain as Internationa level, and who was born in Tolosa, Basque Country, Spain.

Xabi has stated, “Mi madre es la representación típica del matriarcado vasco” (my mother is the typical representation of Basque matriarchy).

Xabi is married to Nagore Aranburu, with whom he has three children.

Source: http://www.bbc.com

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  1. alberto.r7 says:

    “CORRECTION” Even considering basque like a different ethnicity you should put Spanish Basque because Spanish it´s his nationality (like when you put Mexican Spanish or African American). Appart from that,Alonso, his first surname it´s not basque at all, so his ethniticity should be Spanish Basque and Spanish.

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