Vida Guerra

Place of Birth: Havana, Cuba

Date of Birth: March 19, 1974

Ethnicity: Cuban [Spanish, African, possibly other]

Vida Guerra is an American model. She was born in Cuba, and moved to the U.S. at an early age. Her first claim to fame was her appearance in FHM magazine in 2002. She can speak Spanish.

photo by Helga Esteb /


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. DVEO says:

    Ive always thought this girl was ugly as hell. great bidy but a straight but-a -face

  2. Michael says:

    Where’s the proof that Vida Guerra is Afro-Cuban?

    …or is it just base on opinion?!

  3. Jane says:

    black wallstreet wow awesome job. I have also been reading history and many northern whites would agree with what you would have said. My son is metis black and white he doesn’t look black so he isn’t mixed with it? Time and time again the truth has been proven about black being in in Western Europe and Eastern Europe put racist people will say it is not true. So the Queen of England doesn’t have black blood because she doesn’t look like it she sure does and many royal families all over Europe that are related to her do. Get over it people I will teach my metis son to love embrace his whiteness and blackness it is who he is he came from great line of people.

  4. erikalicious says:

    Hi Folks!
    Let me educate you guys. I am a Cuban of 100% Spanish decent. I know this because ALL my great grand parents were born in Spain. I’ve been to northern Spain and almost every girl has a big ol booty! As one stated, “Las espanolas tenemos cuerpo de guitarras.” Translation, Spanish women have guitar shaped bodies. Also, I live in a area of Northern California that is pridominately White and Mexican, I can easily say that most of the White girls have butts and many Mexican girls do not. Most of the Mexican girls that do have large bums are more Spanish looking. Big butts mostly come from the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa. That would explain why Selma Hyek who is of mostly of Lebanese and Spanish decent has her Curves and others like Kim Kardashian(Armenian), Jersey Shore Chicks(Mostly Italian), and JLo(Puertorican). For the record indiginous people of the Carribean are pretty much non-existint, especially in Cuba. So there’s no way Vida Guerra has Taino roots. She does look mix, most likely between Spanish and African, which would explain why the has such a BIG OL BUTT. That’s big booty times two…LOL!

    Oh and p.s. I don’t care if White and Mexican is considered politically incorrect. HISPANIC is a stupid ignorant made up race! We are all very different in culture and ethnic background. All we share is a language. I call all European decent Americans “White”.

    • erikalicious says:

      BTW I have a big butt for my body 38-28-39 and my cousins from spain proportions are much more exagerated than mine. Proof that you don’t need to be black to have back!

      • James says:

        Btw Spain was conquered for nearly 800 years by Arabs and Berbers, and has had a constant immigration from the African nation of Morocco among other nations around the world

    • James says:

      All so called races are made up races,
      they ALL come from the same source.

      Even though most Caribbean nations might not have much Indigenous people left many still have Taino genes in them.

      • James says:

        Btw Spain was conquered for nearly 800 years by Arabs and Berbers, and has had a constant immigration from the African nation of Morocco among other nations around the world.

    • Mariposa says:

      I noticed that Mexican women that look more Native, have very narrow hips and a small but. Is it weird that I’ve noticed this? And you are right, the ones that look more european are typically the ones with more curves. I think many Americans are getting their curves from hormones and food additives. It’s not all genetic. But as far as Brazilians go. I think for some it is natural, but some of them it is not. I have even heard of some t.v. models, as they’re called, taking anabolic steroids and working the hell out of their legs, to get ginormous thighs. I actually, looked up some of these women on line, and sure enough, before they got into t.v. their chest, legs, and butts were very slim.

    • TEACHER says:









  5. David says:

    Cuba’s Ethnic groups:

    65.05% White (Spanish, others),
    23.84% Mulatto and Mestizo,
    10.08% African (Igbo, other)

    -From Wikipedia

      • Black wallstreet says:

        To David:I been to a Cuba site,and they said that number incorrect.It is not 66%white,first many of the mulattoes like to say they’re white,also the 66%is black.You have to learn that anyone can write for wiki,doesn’t have to be correct.the(B) post before was an accident

        • David says:

          There’s different percentages in different sites.
          Anyone can write anything in Wikipedia and practicably anywhere on the net, with or without the actual facts.

          66% black is the new white =P

          • black wallstreet says:

            To David

            I know about the different percentages,I’ve had a debate about this before.However the sites I went to,the 66% was always black.Also there been numerous papers or articles written about how mulattoes in Latin American like upgrade themselves by saying their white(even if they’re not white enough to pass).Census takers down there are also known to use their own judgment about what someone is.I had provided this information before,it’s on the site somewhere

          • Papa Legba says:

            Cuba is 66% black oh my word.. please book a plane trip to Cuba today. 66% may be of Afrodescendt I’ll give you that but that includes a lot of people that look full out European with minor African features.. how is that black when the overwhelming majority of their ancestry and facial features are European? Please get your one drop rule bullshit out of here. Blacks are actually the third most prominent group after Mulatos and Whites, mulatos can range from almost Caucasian looking to almost Sub-Saharan African looking.. they are mixed not Black. Period. End of story.

          • Amber.Berg says:

            How are you mixed but not black? lol

          • LMFAO Too says:

            It’s quite easy, actually.

          • marjanel says:

            Amber in the same way that someone is mixed and still not white.Why a half black still black for you and a half white is not white?

    • Mariposa says:

      Dude?! Did you really quote wikipedia? Those numbers are so wrong it’s a joke! Just go there.

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