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Birth Name: Nathan Montgomery Maloley

Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 17, 1995

Ethnicity: Lebanese, English, Scottish

Skate, also known as Skate Maloley, is an American viner star and rapper. He has been part of the Omaha Boys, with Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, and Sam Wilkinson.

Skate’s paternal grandfather was Zickie Zacharias Maloley (the son of George N. Malooley/Maloley and Mary Malooley/Maloley). Zickie was born in Lexington, Nebraska, of Lebanese descent.

Skate’s paternal grandmother was Bonnie Jean Collicott (the daughter of Earle Franklin Collicott and Pauline Marie Coleman). Bonnie was born in Cambrdige, Nebraska. Earle was the son of Roy Earl Collicott and Beulah Rowena Alkire. Pauline was the daughter of Ray W. Coleman and Hazel Pearl Carter.


Genealogies of Skate’s paternal grandparents, Zickie Zacharias Maloley and Bonnie Jean (Collicott) Maloley Neff –


Mixed Angolan, living in Paris.

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