Shar Jackson

Birth Name: Sharisse Jackson

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 31, 1976

*Puerto Rican, Mexican (father)
*African-American, possibly Native American (mother)

Shar Jackson is an American actress and singer. Her father was of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent. Her mother was African-American, and is said to aso have Native American ancestry. It is not clear if this Native American ancestry has been verified/documented.

She has two children with her former partner, dancer, rapper, model, and actor Kevin Federline; and two children from a previous relationship.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Indiablack says:

    To me,and this is just my opinionlike every else, again to me shar looks luke black girl, with a wig on, she doesnt look mixed or anyrhing to me,i cant tell,not saying she lying or anything
    Like that,if she told people she was
    Mixed or whatever, none of us
    Would believe her, nobody would
    Guess, she had mixed blood,
    No its not her dark shin, its her
    Whole look,her facial features,
    And hair, most mixed or multi
    Racial people like me and others
    You can tell,yes most of the time
    Skin color does play a part in it
    Aswell as hair and phenotype
    Facial features, just like others
    On here have stated,you can’t
    Tell whos mixed or not, to prove
    Me wrong I haveto look for the mixture
    Because people do lie,thats a fact
    And wigs,exstentions,braids don’t
    Mean your not mixed, its just a
    Hairstyle,all races of women wear
    Wigs,so im not saying shar isn’t
    Im just saying I couldnt tell,
    Mixed people come in different
    Skin tones, I just could see the
    Mixture in her, I do know im so
    Tired of people claiming native
    American blood with no proof,
    Not true,hundreds of people
    Especially black always say my
    Grandmother or grandfather was
    A half or full blood,yes some
    People do have native american
    Blood,but its very little,when people
    Tell me thati just look at them
    Roll my eyes and leave before I
    Say something I regret, lol I know
    You people out there understand
    What im saying, these day you
    Have to show some proof of native
    American blood,because I don’t
    Believe everything I hear, this
    White women I know said justafew
    Days ago, thats she native american
    Because shes tanned and her noseand that
    Shes related to pocahantas, I laughed
    And told her, your tjin nose is from
    Your irish side, and your skin comes
    From being in the sun all day, lol
    Stop with the lies,all them indians
    Wasnt doing all that having sex no
    Way in hell,lies,lies,lies, good day

  2. sashafierce564 says:

    America I meant

  3. sashafierce564 says:

    That’s why American is so divided now they let race into It And it’s a shame!!

  4. sashafierce564 says:

    It doesnt matter what race she is we are still human beings in thee end.

  5. Zolie says:

    Some mixed people (which is rare) look either totally black, white, asian and so forth. Like Kimora, she looks totally Asian. I would classify her as Asian, because if she was in a group with Full blooded Asian you could not tell if she was mixed. And that is how the world really looks at it, plain and simple. Just like President Obama, he looks totally Black, and he knows it. So it would be stupid for him to run around talking about I am mixed. He has the sense to know how the world sees him, and it is not about denying one side over the other

    • ena says:

      Have you seen President Obmas father? i guess not his father is from the blackest tribe in Africa and president Obama looks more like his mother so yes he looks mixed. oprah looks black , whoopie goldberg looks black not Obama.The world doesn’t see him black i don’t only the one drop makes you black in America.By the way Asians don’t look alike they are different kind of Asians , black Asians , light skin Asians , brown skin Asians , South East Asians , Asians from Japan , China, Korea , India , Pakistan the list goes on.I hate when people put every one in a box.

    • chocolatebiracialhottie says:

      First of all it is not rare for biracial people to look more one race than the other..that is the most ignorant thing to say and it ticks me off to hear people say that…I am about Shars complextion and people always say wow u r so dark to be mixed..I’m arab native american and black but I look indian when I wear my hair straight and more black when its pulls back or just curly with a headband…I come from a family that has biracial kids…some are dark some are light some look black some look cousin is black and hispanic and looks hispanic..there are people with fair skin and kinky hair that are not biracial…you can not look at a person and say oh they are biracial…

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