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Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: January 16, 1980

Ethnicity: Puerto Rican [Spanish, as well as Taíno and African], along with approximately one quarter Mexican, more distant African-American and English

Lin-Manuel Miranda is an American composer, lyricist, actor, singer, rapper, producer, and playwright.

He is the son of Luz Towns-Miranda, a clinical psychologist, and Luis A. Miranda, Jr., a Democratic Party consultant. He is married to Vanessa Nadal, with whom he has two children. His name, Lin-Manuel, comes from a poem, “Nana Roja Para Mi Hijo Lin Manuel,” about the Vietnam War, by Puerto Rican writer José Manuel Torres Santiago.

Three of Lin-Manuel’s grandparents were Puerto Rican. His maternal grandfather, a Texan, was of mostly Mexican descent, with his line also including distant African-American and English heritage. Through this line, Lin-Manuel is a descendant of an interracial couple, David Towns, who was white (the son of David Towns and Hannah Fox), and Sophie, who was African-American. David was of Colonial American descent, including among his ancestors soldier and politician Arthur Allen II (c. 1652-1710).

His cousin is Puerto Rican rapper, writer, and filmmaker Residente. His great-great-uncle was lawyer, journalist, author, and politician Gilberto Concepción de Gracia. He was the brother of Lin-Manuel’s great-grandfather Rafael Concepcion de Gracia.

A DNA test whose results Lin-Manuel displayed on his Twitter page stated that his genetic ancestry is:

*62.9% European
*19.4% East Asian & Native American
*9.7% Sub-Saharan African
*5.4% Unassigned
*2.7% Middle Eastern & North African

Lin-Manuel’s paternal grandfather was Luis Antonio Miranda Vega (the son of Ignacio Miranda Sánchez and Aurea Vega Nevárez). Luis was born in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico. Ignacio was the son of Ignacio Miranda Marquez and Fidela Sánchez. Aurea was the daughter of Francisco Vega Sanchez and Cristobalina Nevarez Martinez.

Lin-Manuel’s paternal grandmother was Eva Arminda Concepcion Rosado (the daughter of Rafael Concepcion de Gracia and Justina Rosado Melendez). Eva was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Rafael was the son of Ceferino Concepción Alvarez and Martina Carmen de Gracia Toro.

Lin-Manuel’s maternal grandfather was Pedro Pascual Towns, Jr. (the son of Pedro Pascual Towns and Maria De La Luz Pineda). Lin-Manuel’s grandfather Pedro was born in Texas, of mostly Mexican descent. Lin-Manuel’s great-grandfather Pedro was the son of Guillermo/William Towns and Maria Genoveva/Genovera Salazar. Lin-Manuel’s great-grandmother Luz was born in Santa Rosalía, Chihuahua, México.

Lin-Manuel’s maternal grandmother was named Rafaela Felita Rosado. Rafaela was born in Corozal, Adjuntas, Puerto Rico.

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  1. karenstar5 says:

    In my research discovered Lin Manuel descends from an important Virginian named Arthur Allen the wealthiest man during his era with 2000 acres whose home became known as Bacons Castle to commemorate Nathaniel bacons rebellion against Governor Berkeley who was his relative via marriage. The rebellions goal was to reduce taxes and expel all Indians from Virginia to limit their raid on frontier farmers who lived inland. Bacon castle is the oldest brick building in the USA. Arthur Allen home was seized by the rebels and many items stolen. The bacon castle is open to the public and has facebook page. Arthurs wife surname was Tucker. His daughter Joan was first married Dr Robert Williamson who are the ancestors of Lin Manuel on his British line from my research leading to Johanna Williamson married to Colonel Richard Fox. Dr Williamson represented Isle wight county in VA at the House Burgesses in 1636 & 1666. Lin Manuel 5 th grandfather David Towns if not mistaken was a Virginian abolitionist who opened a school for freed slaves in Texas and also gave the toast speech at Governor Sam Houston wedding praising his bride for conquering the heart of man who so many had been a bachelor. Lin Manuel has a few significant colonial ancestors of surnames Newton, Owen, Daniell, Clarke and Proctor to name a few that were some of the first settlers in Virginia and Massachusetts from my research .His Smedley -Williamson line were Quakers who arrived with William Penn to Pennsylvania. He has ancestors from the revolutionary period in American History.

  2. Rip says:

    He doesn’t just have “small amounts” of Mexican ancestry. He considers himself 1/4 Mexican because he had a biracial White/Black couple as ancestors from his grandmother’s side that settled in Texas during the 1800s when it was part of Mexico. Their descendants married into the Mexican community and later generations came to identify as Mexican.

  3. phaedra says:

    Puerto Rican and Mexican are nationalities, not ethnic groups. Get it right, admins.

    If you mean he has native or indigenous blood in him then write that.

  4. savanna says:

    His parents are Luis A. Miranda Jr. and Luz Towns.

    On his mother’s side, he has Mexican, African-American and English heritage.
    He is a descendant of an interracial couple; David Towns (son of David Towns and Hannah Fox) and Sophie, an African American woman.

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