Scott Grimes

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Birth Name: Scott Christopher Grimes

Place of Birth: Lowell, Massachusetts, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 9, 1971

Ethnicity: German, English, French

Scott Grimes is an American actor, voice artist, singer, and songwriter. He is known for starring in the Critters films.

Scott is the son of Pam and Rick Grimes. His sister is actress Heather Grimes. Scott was raised in Dracut. He has two children with his former wife Dawn Bailey-Grimes. His niece is actress Camryn Grimes.

Scott’s paternal grandfather was George A. Grimes (the son of Adam William Grimes and Clara Minnie Carlton). George was born in Pennsylvania. Adam was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Wellington Grimes/Grime and Emma Schell. Clara was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of John S. Carlton and Rebecca G. Moser.

Scott’s paternal grandmother was Thelma Grace Bigony (the daughter of William H. Bigony and Edna M. Sell). Thelma was born in Pennsylvania. William was born in Pennsylvania, the son of Robert J. Bigony and Katie C. Roam. Edna was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Wilmer Sell and Alice Youse.

Scott’s maternal grandfather’s surname was Proctor.

Source: Obituary of Scott’s paternal grandmother, Thelma Grace (Bigony) Grimes –

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