Ross Douthat

Birth Name: Ross Gregory Douthat

Place of Birth: San Francisco, California, United States

Date of Birth: November 28, 1979

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Irish, about 1/32 French-Canadian, small amount of German

Ross Douthat is an American author, blogger, and New York Times columnist.

Ross is the son of Patricia Jeannette (Snow) and Charles Ross Douthat. His great-grandfather, Charles Wilbert Snow, was a Democratic politician who was Governor of Connecticut, from December 27, 1946 to January 8, 1947. Ross is married to reporter and writer Abigail Tucker.

Ross’s paternal grandfather was Charles Tapscott Douthat (the son of Charles Whitney Douthat and Mary Goodrich Tapscott). Ross’s grandfather Charles was born in California. Ross’s great-grandfather Charles was the son of Charles Lewis Douthat and Mary Catherine Whitney. Ross’s great-grandmother Mary Goodrich was the daughter of Dr. Arlen Byron Tapscott and Mary Amanda Goodrich.

Ross’s paternal grandmother was Joliette May Gilliland (the daughter of Ross Carmichael Gilliland and Hilda Eulalia Cantine). Joliette was born in Montana. Ross’s great-grandfather Ross Gilliland was the son of Bryce/Brice Blair Gilliland and Caroline/Carrie Carmichael. Hilda was the daughter of El. Homer/Holmes Cantyne and Feitte/Fayette Huntsinger.

Ross’s maternal grandfather is John Forrest/Forest Snow (the son of Charles Wilbert Snow and Lola Jeanette Simmons). John was born in Connecticut. Charles was the son of Forrest/Forest Alwin Snow and Katherine/Catherine Faber Quinn. Lola was the daughter of John Charles Simmons and Annie F. Packard.

Ross’s maternal grandmother is Patricia Hallock Daley (the daughter of Wilfred Thomas Daley and Mildred H. Campbell). Patricia was born in New York. Wilfrid was Canadian, from Dundas, Ontario, and was the son of George Daley and Lourena Margaret Gogo.

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