Rip Torn

Rip Torn – 2009 Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences’ Official New York Oscar Night Party – Arrivals – Carlyle Hotel – New York City, NY, USA – Photo Credit: Sylvain Gaboury / PR Photos

Birth Name: Elmore Rudolph/Rual Torn

Date of Birth: February 6, 1931

Place of Birth: Temple, Bell, Texas, United States

Date of Death: July 9, 2019

Place of Death: Lakeville, Connecticut, U.S.

*37.5% German
*37.5% Moravian
*12.5% Austrian
*12.5% Bohemian

Rip Torn was an American actor, voice artist, and comedian.

He was born in Temple, Texas and raised in Taylor, Texas. Rip was the son of Thelma Mary (Spacek) and Elmore Rudolph Torn, known as “Tiger” Torn. His father was an agriculturalist and economist, who worked to promote black-eyed peas, particularly the custom of consuming them on New Year’s Day. Rip’s father was of one half German, one quarter Austrian, and one quarter Bohemian [Czech], descent. Rip’s mother was of three quarters Moravian [Czech] and one quarter German descent.

Rip’s first cousin is actress and singer Sissy Spacek, and his first cousin, once removed, is Sissy’s daughter, actress and musician Schuyler Fisk. Rip had a daughter with his first wife, actress Ann Wedgeworth; three children with his late wife, actress Geraldine Page, to whom he was married until her death; and two children with actress and model Amy Wright, to whom he was married until his death. One of Rip’s children with Geraldine is actress Angelica Page.

Rip’s paternal grandfather was Rudolph Frank Torn (the son of Franz Torn and Anna Hribeck). Rudolph was born in Texas, to an Austrian father and a Bohemian mother.

Rip’s paternal grandmother was Othilie/Otillie S. “Tillie” Sarrazin (the son of Arnold Siegismund Sarrazin and Wilhelmina/Wilhelmine Gerhardine Aschenbeck). Othilie was born in Texas. Arnold was born in Texas, to German parents, from Paderborn, Westfalen, Joseph Sarrazin/Sierson and Auguste Louise Amalia Ploeger. Wilhelmina was born in Texas, to German parents.

Rip’s maternal grandfather was Arnold Adolph Špaček (the son of František/Frank John Špaček and Julia/Julie Anna Gloeckner/Gloekner/Glockner). Arnold was born in Texas, and was mayor of Granger, Texas in Williamson County. Frank was born in Bordovice, Moravia (now in the Czech Republic), the son of František Jan Špaček and Rosie Klimicek Mynar. Julia was born in Neustadt, Germany, the daughter of William Gloekner/Gloeckner and Johanna Kirsch.

Rip’s maternal grandmother was Mary Julia Červenka (the daughter of Josef Friedrich Červenka and Anna Machu). Mary was born in Texas, to a father from Huckvaldy, Moravia (now the Czech Republic) and a mother from Senince Usti, Vsetin Valley, Moravia (also now the Czech Republic). Anna was the daughter of Pavel Machu and Rozina Talica.

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