Queen Rania of Jordan

Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People 2006 - Arrivals

Queen Rania in 2006, photo by Prphotos.com

Birth Name: Rania Al-Yassin

Place of Birth: Kuwait City, Kuwait

Date of Birth: 31 August, 1970

Ethnicity: Palestinian Arab

Queen Rania of Jordan is the Queen Consort of Jordan, and the wife of Abdullah II of Jordan, who has been King since 7 February, 1999.

Queen Rania’s parents, Faisal Sedki Al-Yassin and Ilham Yassin, were Palestinian Arabs, from Tulkarm in the West Bank. Queen Rania is a Muslim.

Queen Rania has four children with her husband. Their oldest child, Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan (born 28 June, 1994), is first in line (heir apparent) to the throne of Jordan. The Crown Prince’s ancestry is one quarter Jordanian Arab, one quarter English (both through his father), and one half Palestinian Arab (through Rania).


Finland-Swedish-Italian guy.

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  1. andrew says:

    she did a nose job

  2. cwm85 says:

    She’s probably from European Orgin. Some parts of Middle east there simply are Caucasians living there. Their are Caucasians is Iran, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq. Like someone said of Mediterranean roots. I think many people would be surprised at how diverse the Caucasian race is. Pale skin, blonde hair and blue eyes are just stereotypical looks of Europeans.

  3. Freerk says:

    On this picture she looks like a sister of Natalie Portman … not ethnically, but genetically the peoples of the Levant are closely related.

  4. alberto.r7 says:

    She seems to be mostly white, some people in Palestina are predominantly of white roots.

    • Capricious says:

      Well, Middle Eastern people are Mediterranean.

      They don’t look like ethnic Arabs like the Saudis who have recent African ancestry (darker skin, wider noses, bigger lips).

  5. andrew says:

    could you add a picture?

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