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Birth Name: Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson

Place of Birth: Beverly Hills, California, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 3, 1998

Ethnicity: publicly uncertain

Paris Jackson is an American. She was born the legal daughter of singer Michael Jackson, who was African-American, and Debbie Rowe, who is white. There are conflicting claims and reports on whether Michael and/or Debbie were/are Paris’s biological parents.

Paris has said that her father made it a point to tell her that she is black, and she should be proud of her roots. She specified:

I consider myself black… Most people that don’t know me call me white. I’ve got light skin and, especially since I’ve had my hair blond, I look like I was born in Finland or something.

Debbie Rowe is a convert from Catholicism to Judaism. Debbie has English, and likely other, ancestry.

Paris is a niece of musicians La Toya Jackson and Janet Jackson, among others. Musicians 3T (Tariano Jackson, Taryll Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jr.) are her cousins.

Debbie Rowe’s father was named Gordon Rowe.

Debbie Rowe’s mother was Barbara Jeanne Chilcutt (the daughter of Homer Edgar Chilcutt and Violet Mary Dwyer). Barbara was born in California. Homer was the son of Albert Gillespie Chilcutt and Mary Jane Walker. Violet was the daughter of John H. Dwyer and Jennie Shake.

LOS ANGELES – MAR 06: Paris Jackson arrives for the ‘Gringo’ World Premiere on March 6, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA Photo by DFree

77 Responses

  1. indo says:

    Mark Lester is Paris’s biological dad.

  2. Jarap says:

    Clearly delusional.
    Her very white mother was impregnated with a white mans sperm. She is fully white. Michael Jackson was her father, but not biological.

  3. madman says:

    Is the geni-tree also made up? It says Debbie Rowe has Jewish, Scottish, Irish, English, Finnish, and Swedish ancestry, but I can’t find any ancestors to confirm it.

    • follers says:

      It’s by noted genealogist, and incoming Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Joseph John Boyce, so of course it’s fake.

      • madman says:

        Debbie’s mother was Barbara Jeanne Chilcutt (the daughter of
        Homer Edgar Chilcutt and Violet Mary Dwyer). Homer was the son of Albert Gillespie Chilcutt and Mary Jane Walker. Violet was the daughter of John H. Dwyer and Jennie Shake.

        Is there any doubt that Debbie is Paris’ mother? Isn’t there only doubt about her father?

        • passingtime85 says:

          There’s no confirmation on whether Debbie’s eggs were used or not. I’m fairly sure she said she was only the surrogate.

          • Jarap says:

            She looks just like Debbie. There is no doubt she is the biological mother. Who the white biological father is may never be known.

          • passingtime85 says:

            Surrogates pass RNA on to the fetus and it effects genetic expression. Perhaps that’s the cause of their phenotypical similarities.

  4. olu says:

    she dont look african at all. 0%

    • andrew says:

      She considers herself “black”, swallow it. She is a black girl.

      • what_ever says:

        You are ridiculous. What someone chooses to identify as doesn’t matter. By that logic a fully white person who knows their biological parents could just say they are black and we should accept it or “swallow” it as you said. Even if MJ was her dad, which he isnt, she still wouldnt be black. Her mother is white, that would make her biracial. But nevertheless, you need to “swallow” it that she is white, even if she considers herself a flying green spaceshuttle.

        • andrew says:


          Even Fuzzybear identifies as black but he is mixed-race.

          • fuzzybear44 says:

            That’s what I have been my entire life .not about to change now. Pretty much every self-identified black person this side of the hemisphere is mixed. The funny thing about it is, that when our ancestors wanted to claim their non-African heritage, they were told they couldn’t. Now that we don’t jump for joy about about our non-African ancestry, people get mad

          • andrew says:

            Ok, thanks for the cultural exchange.

        • Thomas11 says:

          race is a social construct though. So technically your biology (skin tone or other features) does not determine your race. Which means Paris can identify as what she wants.

          • NOTREALLY says:

            she can, but she will NEVER be whichever she claims to be but what she actually is, whatever that might be, “swallow it” :)

  5. dlxzvs says:

    correction the word “caucasian” should be changed to european or white

    • Thomas11 says:

      Not all “Caucasians” are white or European though. For example, Gal Gadot is Caucasian, but not European and she can identify as “non white” since she is from the middle east.

        • NOTREALLY says:

          guzel you should definitely replace your daily 4chan browsing for some good anthropology reading, if your incel white supremacist LARPing arse can’t handle the fact that caucasian is a term that’s not afforded exclusively to Europeans that’s your own problem mate

      • clemente21 says:

        Caucasians are really people who are from the Caucasus Mt Region and they’re very much an olive people w/ usually dark hair and fair share of melonin. People in the Middle East are mostly considered ASIAN….not white.

      • Yesterday says:

        Gadot cannot identify as “non-white” just because she was born in Israel.

        She is of Polish, Austrian, German and Czech ancestry.

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