Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla on a 1994 banknote in Yugoslavia, photo by Candyman/

Date of Birth: 10 July, 1856

Place of Birth: Smiljan, Austrian Empire (now Croatia)

Date of Death: January 7, 1943

Place of Death: New York City, New York, U.S.

Ethnicity: Serbian

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian and American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist. He is known for contributing to the design of the modern (AC) electricity supply system.

Nikola was the son of Đuka Mandić and Milutin Tesla, an Eastern Orthodox priest. He had ancestors from western Serbia, near Montenegro. Nikola moved to Prague, Budapest, and Paris, before coming to the U.S. He lived in New York and Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was an Austrian citizen until 1891, when he became a U.S. citizen.

Nikola’s paternal grandfather was Nikola Milutinov Tesla (the son of Milutin Tomislavljev Tesla and Stana Dimitrijina Popović). Nikola’s grandfather Nikola was born in Gospić, Općina Gospić, Lika-Senj County. Milutin was the son of Tomislav Tesla and Zorka Markova Ždero. Stana was the daughter of Dimitrije Markov Popović and Stoja Jarčević.

Nikola’s paternal grandmother was named Ana Kalinic.

Nikola’s maternal grandfather was named Nikola Tomin Mandić (the son of Tomo Petrov Mandić). Nikola’s grandfather Nikola was born in Gračac, Zadar, and was an Orthodox priest. Tomo was the son of Petar Mandić.

Nikola’s maternal grandmother was Sofija Budisavljević (the daughter of Tomo Markov Budisavljević and Dragojka Mandić). Sofija was born in Tomingaj, Općina Gračac, Zadar. Tomo was the son of Marko Manojlov Budisavljević.

Nikola was a first cousin, twice removed, of professional basketball players and coaches Slobodan “Piva” Ivković and Dušan Ivković, who were brothers. Nikola was a first cousin of their maternal grandmother Olga Mandić.

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  1. jonasbttencourt says:

    I highly doubt “serbian” is a real ethnicity, people there have been mixing up with easterners and north africans for quite sometime, and the ethnic background of people who live there is very blury these days, you really can’t tell them apart from greeks and croatians for exemple, by looking at them…

    • andrew says:

      Man you have lost the plot this time.

      Serbians and North Africans are worlds apart. What the hell are you talkin’ about??

      Anyway yes there are physical overlap between Serbians and Croats (and also Greeks to a lesser extent). They speak the same language too but have a different religion.

      • jonasbttencourt says:

        No, i did not lost the plot, i will read it for you since you seem slow when It comes to understand somethings : The same way that “african” does not automatically means black, “european” does not automatically means white or “caucasian”(whatever the hell this is). Do you really think light complexion, straight hair, straight nose and lips, and light eyes originated in Europe? All these traits were integrated generation after generation, due to massive imigration from Central and Southwest Asia, and later from the middle east and parts of North Africa. Do you think ginger hair really comes from Scotland? It’s actually from Central Asia, the original peoples of the Brittish Isles were quite dark in complexion, not BLACK, but still, mordern day brits are mostly so white because of fairly recent viking/nordic and anglo-saxon imigration there, so the general make up of the european population post bronze era is all over the place, and all these countries right above the mediterranian sea are no exeption, the closer to Turkey a european country is, the more mixed people look, never heard of the Ottoman Empire? Not saying southern european people are “non-white” or “POC” like americans call, because the fact that they are a bit mixed with non-european peoples does not mean they are not white, because who really is anyway? It’s a fuzzy concept, damn, Rebeca Hall has more black african blood than me, yet she is the super white english rose and i am the “latino” hahahah…. What is a white person? In the praticle sense of the word? A person with fair skin, straight hair, straight and thin nose, eye color varying from light-brown to ocean blue. All these traits were first found in Europe? Don’t think so. White and “of european ancestry” are two very different things. Sure, most of the time a person with ancestral ties to europe will be perceived as white all over the world, but NOT everyone from Europe will be white-passing, the US surely conforms this, it’s all about steriotypes. Not just in the US, the actor who played Daniel LaRusso in Karate Kid could easily be perceived in Brazil as a “pardo” or “moreno”(meaning “swarthy”). Many north africans and middle easterners look whiter than southern and easternern europeans, look at Zidane and Benzema for exemple, they are way more white passing than a sicilian or serbian, if you show them to, lets say, a canadian who does not watch football at all, and show a serbian guy next, who you think they will say it’s white? Serbians these days look like a crossover of turks and golf arabs, and some of them look a bit indian also.

        • andrew says:

          Well, thanks for the wide reply but no idea why this trolling against Serbians. They are typical SE Europeans, a mile different to North Africans, Gulf Arabs and Indians (besides those who are Gypsies) . So you look to me very very confused.

          Why do they let you to use Internet in the favela?

          • jonasbttencourt says:

            “Why do they let you to use the internet in the favela”? Hahahhahah wow, great comeback guy too ugly to put a pic of himself in his own profile, you really have a great career in stand up with these fresh, criative material you have son, very modern. I hope the special place where they take care of inbreds like you dont cut your wings and leave you alone with your natural comedy talent, i also hope they look after your family after you died from brain damage few weeks from now, sure it wont be hard to find the broken trailer where they locked themselves in, your dad/father-in-law must be very pround of you, keep It up king!

          • jonasbttencourt says:

            Btw, really? I look confused? Lol sure im not the guy who thinks every european nationality is also a ethnicity, southern europeans are mostly mixed with north africans and middle easterners, get over it, Italy, for exemple, was not even a country till relatively recent, do you think Al Pacino and comedian Danilo Gentili belong to the same ethnicity? Lets go further north?Take the english for exemple, do you think Orland Bloom and Paul Bettany are of the same ethnicity? Humans migrate and integrate with different people for hundreds of years, get over it. Why saying a nationality is a nationality trolling? Not even the serbians themselves think they are a ethnicity, they don’t give a shit, Just like most european countries these days, so why should you, don’t be such a salty ass baby, it’s really no big deal.

          • passingtime85 says:


            I can address all your points and counter or support them, but I’ll let it go. But calm down, there’s no need to freak out. I’ve done it as well, but it doesn’t strengthen an argument, or help foster a cordial community.

            @andrew keep calm, carry on, stay above the fray.

          • andrew says:


            One day some Serbian user will shut you down.

            You Brazilians are the Internet forums plague.

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