Nick Rutherford

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Birth Name: Nicholas Walter Joseph Rutherford

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 7, 1982

*father – one half Irish, one quarter Scottish, one quarter French-Canadian
*mother – Italian, likely Hispanic

Nick Rutherford is an American actor, comedian, and writer. He co-founded the sketch comedy group Good Neighbor.

Nick is the son of Louise and Brian Rutherford.

Nick’s paternal grandfather is Walter Joseph Rutherford (the son of Temple Robert Rutherford and Jennette/Janet B. Thibault). Walter was born in Massachusetts. Temple was born in Massachusetts, to Scottish parents, Robert Rutherford and Margaret Forbes. Jennette was born in Canada, to French-Canadian parents, Lazare Louis Thibault/Thibeault and Virginia Bordeleau.

Nick’s paternal grandmother is Joan Ellen Cunningham (the daughter of Pierre Aloysius Cunningham and Ellen Teresa Corrigan). Joan was born in Iowa. Pierre was born in Iowa, the son of Alonzo James Cunningham, whose father was Irish and whose mother was the daughter of Irish parents, and of Ella/Ellen Mahoney, whose parents were Irish. Nick’s great-grandmother Ellen was born in Illinois, the daughter of William Joseph Corrigan, whose parents were Irish, and of Mary Ann Brennan, whose parents were Irish.

Nick’s maternal grandfather is Chester Albert Callero (the son of Chester Anthony Callero and Anita/Annetta Vittoria Levaroni). Chester Albert was born in Massachusetts. Chester Anthony was born in Italy, the son of Bartolomeo Callero and Maria Minaglia. Anita was born in Italy, the daughter of Stefano Levaroni and Emilia/Emila Deferrari.

Nick’s maternal grandmother is surnamed Garcia.

Sources: Marriage record of Nick’s paternal grandparents, Walter Joseph Rutherford and Joan Ellen Cunningham –

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