Natalia Livingston

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Birth Name: Natalia M. Livingston

Place of Birth: Johnstown, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 26, 1976

*father – German, English, Irish, some French
*mother – Mexican, one eighth Ashkenazi Jewish, some Swiss-German and German

Natalia Livingston is an American actress.

Natalia is the daughter of Martha and James Livingston. She was raised in Macon, Georgia. Natalia’s father is American, and has German, English, Irish, and some French, ancestry. Natalia’s mother was born in Mexico, and has Mexican, some Ashkenazi Jewish, and possibly more distant Swiss-German and German, ancestry. Natalia speaks fluent English and Spanish.

She is married to neuroscientist and scientific author, Dr. Matt Aldag, with whom she has two children.

Natalia’s paternal grandfather was Wilbur Merle Livingston (the son of James Irvin Livingston and Minerva Belle Shaffer). Wilbur was born in Pennsylvania. James was the son of Alfred Wissinger Livingston and Mary Jane “Polly” Berkebile. Minerva was the daughter of Isaac D. Shaffer and Susannah Weaver.

Natalia’s paternal grandmother was Fannie Virginia Callihan (the daughter of Charles G. Callihan and Nellie A. McCreary). Charles was the son of John Wesley Callihan and Susanna Gephart. Nellie was the daughter of Albert McCreary and Salome Bence/Bentz.

Natalia’s maternal grandfather was Salvador Echavarria (the son of Rosalío G. Echavarria and María Antonia). Salvador was Mexican.

Natalia’s maternal grandmother was Natalia/Natalie Gertrude Levin (the daughter of Henry Levin and Emily Pauline Hausor/Hause). Natalia’s grandmother Natalia was born in California. Henry likely was born in Arizona, to a German/Prussian Jewish father, Alexander Levin, and a Mexican mother, Zenora/Zenone Molina. Emily was born in California, to a father from Switzerland and a mother from Germany.

Natalia’s great-great-aunt, Sara Levin, the sister of Natalia’s great-grandfather Henry Levin, was married to Frederick Augustus Ronstadt, who was the grandfather of singer Linda Ronstadt. However, Sara was not Linda’s grandmother.

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