Mare Winningham

04/30/2014 – Mare Winningham – 2014 Tony Awards Meet the Nominees Press Junket – The Paramount Hotel – New York City, NY, USA – Photo Credit: Laurence Agron / PR Photos

Birth Name: Mary Megan Winningham

Place of Birth: Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 16, 1959

Ethnicity: Dutch, Irish, English, German

Mare Winningham is an American actress, singer, and songwriter.

She is the daughter of Marilyn and Sam Neal Winningham, a football coach and player. Mare is married to actor Anthony Edwards. She has five children with her former husband William Sweet Mapel.

Mare studied religion in the early 2000s. She converted to Judaism in 2003 as a personal choice. She is a practicing Jew and has released an album of Jewish/country/folk music.

Mare’s patrilineal line can be traced to John Winningham, who was born, c. 1582, in Hampshire, England.

Mare’s paternal grandfather was Neal Winningham (the son of George Washington Winningham and Sippie Josephine Simmons). Neal was born in Missouri. George was the son of Isaac Winningham and Mary M. Evans. Josephine was the daughter of Gilman A. H./R. Simmons, whose father was a minister, and of Margaret Elizabeth “Mary” Young.

Mare’s paternal grandmother was Alida/Laida/Aleda Whillemetta/Willemetta Bogan (the daughter of John G. Bogan and Hattie Romaine/Romain Himes). Alida was born in Kansas. John was the son of William A. Bogan and Lida Beaty. Hattie was the daughter of Joseph Beck Himes and Clara Cecelia Quigley.

Mare’s maternal grandfather was John Monas Maloney (the son of James Edward Maloney and Margaret Gertrude Flynn). John was born in Illinois. James was the son of James Edward Maloney, whose family was from Clare, Ireland, and of Mary Ann T. Monas, whose father was German and whose mother was Irish. Mare’s great-grandmother Margaret was the daughter of John Flynn, who was Irish, and of Catherine Cecelia Sweeney, whose father was Irish.

Mare’s maternal grandmother was Grace Vanderpol (the daughter of Arie Van der Pol/Vanderpol and Neeltje/Nellie de Reus). Grace was born in Iowa. Arie was Dutch, and was the son of Arie van der Pol and Adriana van Herpen. Neeltje was the daughter of Dutch parents, Arij De Reus and Griettje Margaret Bruggeman.

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