Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva


da Silva in 2008, photo by Prphotos

Birth Name: Luiz Inácio da Silva

Place of Birth: Caetés, Pernambuco, Brazil

Date of Birth: 27 October, 1945

Ethnicity: Brazilian [Portuguese, possibly other]

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is a Brazilian politician. He is also known simply as Lula. A member of the Workers’ Party, he has been President of Brazil, since 1 January, 2023, and, previously, from 1 January, 2003 to 31 December, 2010. He has been National President of the Workers’ Party, from 9 August, 1980 to 17 January, 1988, and again, from 15 July, 1990 to 24 January, 1994.

President da Silva is the son of Eurídice Ferreira de Melo and Aristides Inácio da Silva. His father left with his mother’s cousin soon after his birth, and, during his childhood, he eventually lived with his mother and siblings, and his father’s new family, in the same house, in Santos, São Paulo. President da Silva is married to Rosângela Silva, known as “Janja.” He was previously married to Maria de Lurdes da Silva, until her death, while in labour; and then to Marisa Letícia Lula da Silva, until her death. He has a daughter with his former partner Miriam Cordeiro; and four children with Marisa.

His biography, A história de Lula, o filho do Brasil, 2009, states that his mother was of part Italian descent.

President da Silva’s paternal grandfather was João Inácio da Silva (the son of Antônio Inácio da Silva and Antônia Maria da Conceição).

President da Silva’s paternal grandmother was Guilhermina Maria da Conceição (the daughter of José Tomaz da Silva and Manoela Maria da Conceição).

President da Silva’s maternal grandfather was José Ferreira de Melo (the son of Antônio Ferreira de Melo and Maria de Melo).

President da Silva’s maternal grandmother was Otília Perciliana da Silva (the daughter of José Alexandre da Silva and Francisca Machado da Silva).

Source: Genealogy of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva –

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