José Sarney

Birth Name: José Ribamar Ferreira de Araújo Costa

Place of Birth: Pinheiro, Maranhão, Brazil

Date of Birth: 24 April, 1930

Ethnicity: Brazilian [Portuguese, possibly other]

José Sarney is a Brazilian politician, lawyer, and writer. A member of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, he served as President of Brazil, from 15 March, 1985 to 15 March, 1990. He was also Governor of Maranhão, from 31 January, 1966 to 14 May, 1970, Senator for Maranhão, from 1 February, 1971 to 15 March, 1985, Senator for Amapá, from 1 February, 1991 to 1 February, 2015, and Vice President of Brazil, from 15 March, 1985 to 21 April, 1985, among other duties.

President Sarney is the son of Kiola Ferreira and Sarney de Araújo Costa, who was a landowner and sugar cane producer. In 1965, he legally changed his name to José Sarney de Araújo Costa. He is married to Marly Sarney, with whom he has three children, politician and sociologist Roseana Sarney, football administrator Fernando Sarney, and lawyer and politician Sarney Filho.

President Sarney’s paternal grandfather was José Adriano Araújo Costa (the son of Henrique de Araújo Costa and Josefa Benício Coelho). Josefa was the daughter of José Benício Rodrigues Coelho and Maria José Coelho.

President Sarney’s paternal grandmother was named Rita Amélia de Araújo.

President Sarney’s maternal grandfather was Assuero Leopoldino Ferreira (the son of João Leopoldino Ferreira and Maria Leopoldina Vilaça Albuquerque Barros). João was the son of Valdivino José Ferreira and Leopoldina Francisca Souza Martins.

President Sarney’s maternal grandmother was Maria Augusta Oliveira França (the daughter of Luís Oliveira França and Maria Vilaça Albuquerque Barros).

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