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Birth Name: Kyle Hamilton Allen

Place of Birth: Livermore, Alameda, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 10, 1994

Ethnicity: English, one eighth French-Canadian, small amounts of German and Scottish, 3/32 Italian [including Sicilian], 1/32 Spanish, distant Dutch

Kyle Allen is an American actor and ballet dancer. His roles include the films 1 Night, XX, All My Life, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, West Side Story, The In Between, The Greatest Beer Run Ever, Rosaline, and A Haunting in Venice, and the shows The Path and American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

His father, who is from Vermont, is of entirely or almost entirely Colonial American (English, and distant Scottish) descent, with deep roots in the state; he is a Mayflower descendant. His mother, who is from California, has English, one quarter French-Canadian, some German, 3/16ths Italian, 1/16th Spanish, Scottish, and distant Dutch, ancestry.

Kyle’s ancestry overall is around nine sixteenths Colonial American.

Kyle’s paternal grandfather was George Wyman Allen (the son of Richard Worthen Choate Allen and Lora Francis Witt/Whitt). George was born in Vermont. Richard was born to Frank W. Choate and Dora M. Metcalf, and was adopted by George Oscar Allen and Ella Lucy Macombe. Lora was the daughter of Charles Scott Witt and Agnes Rosalie Allen.

Kyle’s paternal grandmother was Helen Louise Hamilton (the daughter of Samuel Worcester Fuller Hamilton and Kate Mildred Williams). Helen was born in Vermont. Samuel was the son of Merrill Thomas Hamilton and Etta/Ella L./S. Porter. Kate was the daughter of Frank/Francis E./Clifton Williams and Helen Louise/Loise Burbank.

Kyle’s maternal grandfather was Neal Allison Sprague (the son of Harry Walter Sprague and Aileen M. Young). Neal was born in Illinois. Harry was the son of Calvin Willis Sprague, who was of Colonial American descent, and of Ida Marie Dressler, who was an ethnic German emigrant, from Oberlichtenau, Schlesien, Poland. Kyle’s great-grandmother Aileen was the daughter of Louis Courtwright Young and Mary Susan Smith, whose maternal grandparents were Scottish, from Roxburghshire.

Kyle’s maternal grandmother was Florence Lillian Muniz (the daughter of Herbert Stephen Muniz and Florence Mary Saulnier). Kyle’s grandmother Florence was born in California. Herbert was born in New Jersey, the son of Francis Joseph “Frank” Muniz, whose father was Spanish and whose mother was from Cassingheno, Genoa, Italy; and of Katherine/Catherine Ida Franco, who was Italian, from Palermo, Sicily. Kyle’s great-grandmother Florence was born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, the daughter of Doucette/Daucet Saulnier and Susan Doucette/Daucet, and was of French-Canadian descent.

Kyle is a half-second cousin, once removed, of actor George Hamilton, and a half-third cousin of actor Ashley Hamilton, who is George’s son. Kyle’s paternal great-great-grandfather, Merrill Thomas Hamilton, was also George’s paternal great-grandfather.

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    Related to actor George Hamilton (half-second cousin once removed) and his son Ashley (half-third cousin)
    through Merrill Thomas Hamilton.

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    Casingheno -> Cassingheno, Genoa

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