Kevin Schon

Schon in 2015, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Kevin Dodd Schon

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, United States

Date of Birth: February 7, 1958

*father – German, English, Swiss-German, Welsh
*mother – Italian/Sicilian

Kevin Schon is an American voice actor and film producer. He is known for voice-over work in video games, movies, and television shows.

Kevin’s paternal grandfather was Clyde William Schon (the son of Charles Edward Schon/Schoon and Sarah Elma Winder). Clyde was born in Pennsylvania. Charles was born in Pennsylvania, the son of John Schon, whose parents were German, and of Caroline Drum, whose parents were also German. Sarah was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Samuel M. Winder and Rebecca Holmes.

Kevin’s paternal grandmother was Violet Dale (the daughter of James W. Dale and Alice Elizabeth Brant). Violet was born in Pennsylvania. James was born in Ohio. Alice was born in Ohio, the daughter of John Henry Brant and Elizabeth Shauffer.

Kevin’s maternal grandfather was Carmelo “Carmen” Meli (the son of Rosario Meli and Rosa LaColla). Carmelo was born in Catania, Sicily, Italy. Rosario was born in Catania, the son of Carmelo Meli and Maria Antonia Catania. Rosa was born in Catania, the daughter of Lorenzo LaColla and Grazia Musumeci.

Kevin’s maternal grandmother was Louise M. Regalbuto (the daughter of Benedetto “Ben” Regalbuto and Marianna “Mary Anna” D’Angelo). Louise was born in New York, to Sicilian Italian parents. Benedetto was born in San Fratello, Messina, the son of Cirino “Primo” Regalbuto and Eloisa Latteri. Marianna was also born in San Fratello, the daughter of Antonino D’Angelo and Maria Rosa Latteri.

Source: Obituary of Kevin’s uncle (father’s brother) –

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