Julian Sands

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Sands in 2006, photo by Prphotos.com

Birth Name: Julian M. Sands

Place of Birth: Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: 4 January, 1958

Ethnicity: English

Julian Sands is an English actor. He is known for starring in the first two Warlock films.

Julian’s paternal grandfather was William Henry Sands (the son of John William Sands and Martha Wade Pick). Julian’s grandfather William was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Martha was the daughter of Robert Pick and Hannah Wade.

Julian’s paternal grandmother was named Muriel Morley (the daughter of William Thomas Morley and Laura). Muriel was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. William was the son of Thomas Morley and Mary Stewart.

Julian’s maternal grandfather was Frank Leach (the son of Jowett Leach and Margaret Hanson). Frank was born in Bingley. Jowett was the son of Joseph Leach and Mary. Margaret was the daughter of George Hanson and Mary Jane Greenwood.

Julian’s maternal grandmother was May Hardy (the daughter of Sylvester Hardy and Serine Ringstedt). May was born in Yorkshire. Sylvester was the son of Thomas Hardy and Martha. Serine was the daughter of Joseph Salomon Ringstedt and Mary Ann Brearley.

Julian has two children with his wife, journalist Evgenia Citkowitz, and a son with his former wife, journalist Sarah Harvey.


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