Madeleine Stowe

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Birth Name: Madeline M. Stowe

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 18, 1958

*father – Dutch, German, English
*mother – Costa Rican [Spanish], one quarter German

Madeline Stowe is an American actress.

Her father, Robert Alfred Stowe, was a civil engineer from a “poor Oregon family,” and had Dutch, German, and English ancestry. Her mother, Mireya Maria (née Mora Steinvorth), was from a prominent family in Costa Rica. One of Madeleine’s maternal great-grandfathers was a German immigrant to Costa Rico, while much or all of the rest of Madeleine’s mother’s ancestry was Costa Rican/Spanish-Costa Rican.

Madeline is married to actor Brian Benben, with whom she has a daughter.

Madeleine’s paternal grandfather was Walter Westing Stowe (the son of Walter A. Stowe and Jennie Westing). Madeleine’s grandfather Walter was born in Michigan. Madeleine’s great-grandfather Walter was the son of George Stowe. Jennie was the daughter of Dutch parents, Dirk Westing and Janna “Jane” Zeldenrust.

Madeleine’s paternal grandmother was Madeline E. Phillips (the daughter of Royal/Roy Phillips and Dorothy Meyers). Madeleine’s grandmother Madeline was born in Michigan. Royal was of at least part German ancestry, and was the son of James P./A. Phillips and Ruth Jane Lucas. Dorothy was German.

Madeleine’s maternal grandfather was Federico Mora Carranza (the son of Federico Mora Gutiérrez and Micaela Carranza Montealegre). Madeleine’s great-grandfather Federico was the son of José Joaquín Mora Porras and Dolores Gutiérrez Peñamonje. José Joaquín Mora Porras, a politician, was a younger brother of President Juan Rafael Mora Porras, who governed Costa Rica, from 1849 and 1859.

Madeleine’s great-grandmother Micaela was the daughter of José Bruno Carranza Ramirez and Gerónima de Jesús Montealegre Fernández. José Bruno Carranza Ramirez was President of Costa Rica in 1870, albeit briefly, as he resigned three months after taking power. Madeleine’s great-great-grandmother Gerónima de Jesús Montealegre Fernández was the sister of President José María Montealegre Fernández, who governed Costa Rica, from 1859 to 1863. José María’s paternal grandparents were Ignacio de Montealegre Balmaceda, who was born in Granada, Spain, and Josefa Bustamante, from Guatemala.

Madeleine’s maternal grandmother was Rosita Steinvorth Marín (the daughter of Wilhelm/Guillermo Steinvorth Ulex and Rosaura Marín Blanco or Rojas). Wilhelm was a German emigrant to Costa Rico; he was born in Lüneburg, Germany, and was the son of Heinrich Dietrich Steinvorth and Henriette Ch. Ulex. He was the Vice president of Banco Anglo Costarricense (Anglo-Costa Rican Bank). Madeleine’s great-grandmother Rosaura was the daughter of Ramon Marin Sola and Martina Bustamante.

Madeleine is a relative of playwright, screenwriter, and comic book writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, through their descent from Mariano Ignacio de Montealegre y Balmaceda, who was born in Grenada, Spain, and from Mariano’s wife, Manuela Casimira de Romero y Sáenz Vásquez de Quintanilla y Bonilla, who was born in Cartago, Costa Rica.

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