John Dahl

Birth Name: John David Dahl

Place of Birth: Northfield, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: December 2, 1985

Ethnicity: English, Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish

John Dahl is an American internet personality, known for Nikki and John Pranksters in Love. He is currently engaged to internet personality Nikki Baker.

His parents are Ruth Ann (Larsson) and Jeffrey Dean Dahl.

John’s paternal grandfather is Frederick Andrew Dahl (the son of Frederick “Fred” August Dahl and Albernice “Bernice” K. Bisson). John’s great-grandfather Frederick was born in Minnesota, to Swedish immigrant Andrew Dahl and German immigrant Emma Augusta Zarth. Bernice was born in Iowa, to an American-born father, Sylvester Orlando “Lan” Bisson, of English descent, and a German immigrant, Anna Eggers.

John’s paternal grandmother was Leona Mae Stratmoen (the daughter of Edwin L. Stratmoen and Esther Elizabeth Larson). All of Leona’s grandparents were Norwegian.

John’s maternal grandparens were Hans Monroe Larson (the son of Joseph H. Larson and Luella Emelia Larson) and Florence Mable Evangeline Barsness (the daughter of Andreas “Andrew” Olson Barsness and Hattie Cornelia Fredrickson). Hans’s parents were Norwegian. All of Mable’s grandparents were Norwegian, except for Hattie’s father, Nels Fredricksen, who was Danish.

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