Jamie Lynn Spears

Spears in 2007, Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

Place of Birth: McComb, Mississippi, U.S.

Date of Birth: April 4, 1991

Ethnicity: English, along with 1/16th Maltese, and small amounts of Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Irish, French, and Welsh

Jamie Lynn Spears is an American actress and singer. She is the daughter of Lynne Irene (Bridges) and James Parnell “Jamie” Spears. She is the sister of pop singer Britney Spears.

Jamie Lynn’s maternal grandmother was an English war bride, and one of Jamie Lynn’s maternal great-great-grandfathers was Maltese. Most of the rest of Jamie Lynn’s recent ancestors were American-born, with most of her roots being English, along with Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Irish, French, and Welsh, all of them distant or remote to various degrees. Some of Jamie Lynn’s distant English ancestors lived in Barbados and Liberia.

Jamie Lynn is married to actor and businessperson Jamie Watson. She has a daughter with Casey Aldridge, and a daughter with Jamie.

Jamie Lynn’s paternal grandfather was June Austin Spears (the son of June Bacot/Becker Spears and Nova Mae Gill). Jamie Lynn’s grandfather June was born in Louisiana. Jamie Lynn’s great-grandfather June was the son of Pascal Greene Spears and Mary Pauline Bridges. Nova was the daughter of James Monroe Gill and Effie Strahan.

Jamie Lynn’s paternal grandmother was Emma Jean Forbes (the daughter of William Nelson Forbes and Lexie/Lexis May Thompson). Emma was born in Mississippi. William was the son of William Nelson Forbes and Kiturah/Katuriah Leona Ball. Lexie was the daughter of Ernest Fulton Thompson and Bertha Magee.

Jamie Lynn’s maternal grandfather was Barnett/Barney O’Field Bridges (the son of Joel Menton Bridges and Adeline/Addie/Addy Williams). Barnett was born in Louisiana. Joel was the son of James/John Jackson Bridges and Mary Josephine Phillips. Adeline was the daughter of Marshall E. Williams and Missouri E. Wall.

Jamie Lynn’s maternal grandmother was Lilian/Lillian Irene Portell (the daughter of George Anthony Portelli/Portell and Lilian Esther Lewis). Jamie Lynn’s grandmother Lilian was born in Barkham Road, Tottenham. George was the son of Edward Richard Portelli, who was from Malta, and of Alice Taylor. Lilian was the daughter of James Lewis and Esther Moss. Jamie Lynn’s Maltese great-great-grandfather Edward was the son of Antonio Portelli; it is possible that Edward was of Italian ancestry, like many people on Malta.

Jamie Lynn’s parents are third cousins. Two of Jamie Lynn’s paternal great-great-great-grandparents, William Lee Bridges and Pauline Ann Travis, were also two of Jamie Lynn’s maternal great-great-great-grandparents.

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  1. Adrian1Cram says:

    Whatever happened to her

  2. Chloe says:

    Correction:Her birth date is April 4,1991

  3. brotothefifth says:

    “CORRECTION’ Her ancestor ‘ Генри ‘ Henry, VI (17th great grandfather) which name was in Russian was a Russian Jew according to ancestry.com religious records

    • follers says:

      Her 17th great-grandfather was a Russian Jew? What was his name? Who was his spouse? How was this union possible?

      • brotothefifth says:

        There isn’t a clear record of which spouse was the mother of his son Henry Wentworth, Sir (16th great grandfather). But why would this union be impossible since in the late 1400’s people had many spouses through out their lives and some could be of different faiths.

        • follers says:

          Are you talking about this Sir Henry Wentworth?

          Why do you think his father was a Russian Jew? Jews were forbidden from living openly in England from 1290 until the mid 1600s or so. I have never heard of a Russian Jew (!) traveling to England at this time.

          • bearboy says:

            You’re right follers! but with your comment about 1290 when the Jews were expelled from England I believe it’s possible her along with almost every other person of English descent has Jewish ancestry that may have been able to convert so they wouldn’t be kicked out of England sorta like with the Spanish Inquisition in 1492?

  4. DK1x says:

    Her great-great grandfather was an Italian living in Malta. Italian and Sicilian are white whether you like it or not. Saying Italian or Sicilian’s are not white is like saying Italians are not capable of having blue eyes. Frank Sinatra had blue eyes.

  5. LOPAC AGREES says:


    • Jasmine Pasek says:

      Welllll I’m tan, but I’m considered white.

    • rebygotitall says:

      excuse me but I’d like to point out that BOTH MALTESE & SICILIAN ARE WHITE , they sometimes can look tan because they live in the south part of Europe but they’re still white.
      I’m Maltese myself & have quite a few Sicilian friends and we Definitely are white , sometimes I’m even considered to be pale white , so it may be a little misleading but We Are White.

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