Irene Ware

Birth Name: Irene Catherine Ahlberg

Date of Birth: November 6, 1910

Place of Birth: Albany, New York, U.S.

Date of Death: March 11, 1993

Place of Death: Orange, California, U.S.

*50% Swedish
*25% Austrian
*25% German, likely distant Baltic German

Irene Ware was an America actress, beauty queen, and showgirl. Her film roles included Princess Nadji in Chandu the Magician, as well as The Raven (1935), Murder at Glen Athol, O’Malley of the Mounted, and Outside the Three-Mile Limit. She was Miss Greater New York, then Miss United States in 1929.

She was the daughter of Anna, a real estate agent, and Ernst Axel Emil Ahlberg, who ran a saloon. Her father was a Swedish emigrant, who was born in Virserum, Kalmar län, Småland. Her mother was of Austrian and German descent. Her sister, Anita, was an artist. Irene was married to federal Judge Fred Campbell, with whom she had two children.

Irene’s paternal grandfather was Johan Axel Ludvig Ahlberg (the son of Jöns Petter Ahlberg and Lucretia Gustafsdotter). Johan was born in Mörlunda, Hultsfred, Kalmar. Jöns was the son of Håkan Arvfedsson Ahlberg and Ingrid Kristina Tostelund. Lucretia was the daughter of Gustaf Nilsson and Maria Jonsdotter.

Irene’s paternal grandmother was named Henriette Fredrika Fromén. Henriette was born in Mortorp, Kalmar län.

Irene’s maternal grandfather was Edward Frey (the son of Eduard Frey and Katharina Waller). Edward was born in Austria.

Irene’s maternal grandmother was Wilhelmina Stritzky (the daughter of Valentine Stritzky and Anna Seitz). Wilhelmina was born in New York, to German parents. The surname Stritzky appears common in Germany, and the von Stritzky were a prominent family of Baltic German descent.

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