Olof Palme

Birth Name: Sven Olof Joachim Palme

Date of Birth: 30 January, 1927

Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden

Date of Death: 28 February, 1986

Place of Death: Sveavägen, Stockholm, Sweden

Ethnicity: Swedish, German/Baltic German

Olof Palme was a Swedish politician and statesman. He served as the 26th Prime Minister of Sweden, from 14 October, 1969 to 8 October, 1976, and from 8 October, 1982 to 28 February, 1986, when he was assassinated. He was Leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, from 14 October, 1969 to 28 February, 1986, and President of the Nordic Council, in 1979.

Olof’s father, Gunnar Palme, was a businessperson. Olof’s mother, Elisabeth Sophie (von Knieriem), was Baltic German. She came to Sweden from Russia in 1915.

Olof was married to child psychologist Anna Lisbet Christina Beck-Friis, until his death. The couple had three children.

The Palm family is sometimes said to have a Dutch origin. It does not appear that at least Olof’s recent or relatively recent ancestors were Dutch.

Olof’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his seventh great-grandfather, Palme Lydersen.

Olof’s paternal grandfather was Sven Theodor/Theodore Palme (the son of Adolf Christian Palme and Augusta Johanna Amalia Hasselqvist). Sven was born in Kalmar, Sweden. Adolf was the son of Johan Palm and Carolina Lovisa von Sydow. Augusta was the daughter of Jöns Theodor Hasselquist and Johanna Carolina Johansdotter.

Olof’s paternal grandmother was Baroness Hanna Maria von Born-Sarvilahti (the daughter of Johan August von Born and Hedvig Lovisa Fransiska von Haartman). Hanna was born in Gammelbacka gård, Borgå, Finland. Johan was the son of Samuel Fredrik von Born and Katarina Elisabet von Morian. Hedvig was the daughter of Carl Daniel von Haartman and Maria Helena Rosina Franzén.

Olof’s maternal grandfather was Johann Carl Woldemar von Knieriem (the son of Johann August von Knieriem and Olga Elisabet von Dahl). Olof’s grandfather Johann was born in Muremoise, Livland, Estonia, Lettland. Olof’s great-grandfather Johann was the son of Johann Melchior von Knieriem and Anna Sophie Bärnhoff. Olga was the daughter of Carl von Dahl and Anna Johanna Beata von Agthe. His ancestor, Johann Melchior von Knieriem, was ennobled by the Emperor Alexander I of Russia in 1814..

Olof’s maternal grandmother was Martha Alexandra Kupffer (the daughter of Karl Wilhelm Ottokar Kupffer and Elisabet Schmidt). Martha was born in Zabeln, Livland. Karl was the son of Carl Wilhelm Kupffer and Marie Juliane Louise Rambach. Elisabet was the daughter of Gottfried Ernst Ewald Schmidt and Aurora Alexandra Walter.

Olof’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his seventh great-grandmother, Anna Margaretha Gerken.

Olof was a fourth cousin, once removed, of actor Max von Sydow. Olof’s paternal great-great-great-great-grandparents, Christian Fredrik von Sydow and Christina Wahlsten, were also Max’s paternal great-great-great-grandparents. Christian was born, c. 1714, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

Source: Genealogy of Olof Palme – https://www.geni.com

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