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  1. jackson9 says:

    Ethnic, do you dislike the picture of Glenn Beck I sent from bigstock?

  2. callmecharlie says:

    Is Tunji Kasim ethnically Nigerian or just nationally?

    • Oaken05 says:

      I had no idea who he is, but googling him, he looks at least partially Nigerian for sure though obviously mixed race. Wiki says he was born in Scotland, moved to Nigeria soon after, and came back to Scotland at age 12.

  3. callmecharlie says:

    Anyone know Paige McGhee’s ethnicity? She’s an actress, and was just in the most recent episode of Into the Dark on Hulu. I know she’s of African descent but I feel like there’s something else there.

  4. Oaken05 says:

    My posts aren’t going through.

  5. Oaken05 says:

    Can someone find the name of Norwegian NFL kicker Kaare Vedvik’s mother? I’ve been able to find that Kaare’s father is a Nigerian immigrant to Norway, but can find nothing on this mother other than that it seems he took her surname (Vedvik). I suspect she’s native Norwegian, but that’s nothing but a guess at this point.

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