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Please leave some suggestions below on how this site could be improved. Any ideas/criticisms are welcome.

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  1. jackson9 says:

    I think if a legitimate DNA test says a celebrity is more than 1% of a certain ethnicity it should be included in the ethnicity not just included in the profile e.g. Paul Ryan’s 3% Ashkenazi Jewish heritage.

  2. celestialorb says:

    Please implement search-by-first-letter (in alphabetical order) and search-by-ethnicity (eg. everyone w French ancestry). Thx

    • bablah says:

      When you click All Celebs Index, they’re alphabeticaly ordered, but there’s no search-by-letter option. The search-by-ethnicity is already implemented through tags. You click on or search for a tag “French” and it pops out all people with French ancestry starting with the ones that were last added.

      • follers says:

        “You click on or search for a tag “French” and it pops out all people with French ancestry starting with the ones that were last added.”

        And if that’s the only way to do it, it should definitely be fixed. There should be a way to view more than 5 at a time (especially when it’s the most recent 5).

        • madman says:

          I’d like to see a way to view more than one tag at a time, so that it shows all the people who are tagged with all the ethnicities you’ve chosen.

          • ethnic says:

            hmm ill look into that

          • madman says:

            Thanks! I think that’s something people might be curious to see.

            If you’re interested in other improvements that I think should be made (that hasn’t been responded to yet), here’s a few:
            *Not have pages that are klicked on from a search open in a new tab (very frustrating to have to always close the old page down)
            *A section with celebrities who have large parts of their ancestry missing (probably best to make it of only fairly well known celebrities, or simply the ones the moderators decide on for arbitrary reasons, otherwise the list would be endless)
            *A list of all the tags on here (that way, if you want to see, for example, the female Oscar winners, you don’t have to search for one first, and then click the link in their profile). I think that bands should have their own tags, instead of just links to the other members, as well

            For the structure of pages:
            *Having all relatives being listed row-wise after the basic information instead of in a paragraph
            *Bold text for the links to other pages

          • follers says:

            “For the structure of pages:
            *Having all relatives being listed row-wise after the basic information instead of in a paragraph
            *Bold text for the links to other pages”

            I strongly oppose both of these.

          • comrade says:

            It would also be great if there was a set way of describing the ethnicity.

            Some are listed as percentages, some as fractions, some as ‘(mother) (father)’, some as just the ethnicity without mentioning mother/father … it’s kinda confusing.

  3. comrade says:

    What do you do when a celebrity says they’re of a certain ethnicity but they’re technically not?

    I was interested in researching Sasha Lane’s profile because it states that she’s African-American and Māori (which is an unusual combination) however I’ve researched her family tree and can’t find any Māori. Then why would she say she’s Māori?

    Like in these articles, she says her mum is part Māori:

    Bablah and I have come to the conclusion that John Stanley D’Arcy Tuck is definitely Sasha’s grandfather and his wife Denise Lesley Morris is her grandmother but there’s no Māori in either of their sides.

    • Oaken05 says:

      Sometimes, people are just lying for whatever reason; sometimes, it’s a false part of family lore that just keeps getting passed down. I don’t find it particularly unusual. For instance, there are a large amount of Americans who are told they have a distant indigenuous ancestor, and later find out that it’s not the case. I’ve heard of the same thing happening in Australia. Sometimes, it’s just feel more a connection with where you were born, or to make a family feel “exotic.”

  4. jackson9 says:

    Ethnic, if you’re going to block Jacklyn you should probably look into the last submission about Taylor Swift by “Christian Persecution Will Come To America Too”

  5. madman says:

    It’s great that we get new commenters here. But I think making the same reply to every single comment you object to should be counted as spam (as has happened on Rita Ora’s page).

    • Oaken05 says:

      This. This is literally the definition of spam. I’m also tird of people with agendas or axes to grind doing this, replying to year’s old replies of long-gone/banned members as if they were replying to a recent comment. This is making the site less enjoyable and taking it away from its purpose.

      • follers says:

        Who came up with all these rules? Using offensive language is one thing, but there’s a new rule that you can’t reply to old comments? Then should old comments be deleted? What purpose would they serve, other than as bait?

        Interestingly, I would hope most people commenting have no idea which users are “long-gone” or “banned” since most people haven’t been here for five or six years.

        • Oaken05 says:

          Funny how you skip over the issue of literal spamming.

        • madman says:

          I don’t have a problem neither offensive language nor replying to old comments. But writing “gypsy is an ethnic slur” on almost literally every comment that mentions the word adds nothing to the discussion, and, more importantly, it clogs the comment section, making people potentially miss comments they might be interested in responding to. Since so many comments are edited now, I see no problem in deleting all but one of them when it happens.

          • Oaken05 says:


          • ethnic says:

            Jacklyn has been deleted due to too many irrelevant comments.

          • passingtime85 says:

            Jacklyn’s comments were irksome as they detracted from the ability to keep track of profiles with comments that had pertinent information, rather than just opinions and musings… Still though, I feel bad they were so bothersome Jacklyn was banned. I imagine Jacklyn was probably just a lonely person that needed to hold on to the notion someone somewhere where was reading her thoughts. This site isn’t here for therapy of random users, but I still feel bad. I didn’t think of Jacklyn as a troll, at the same level as Neil… With a little restraint, etiquette, and decorum Jacklyn could still have an active account, sad.

          • madman says:

            I miss neiltennant. If you subtract the occasional antisemitism, his comments were really funny. Jacklyn was a bad replacement in terms of the site troll. Now we have to wait until someone better comes along…

          • andrew says:

            wait and see then!

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