Harrison Ford

Ford in 2011, Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: July 13, 1942

*father – Irish, some German
*mother – Ashkenazi Jewish

Harrison Ford is an American actor and producer. He is the son of Dora/Dorothy (Nidelman), a radio actress, and Christopher Ford (born John William Ford), an actor and advertising executive. His brother is actor Terence Ford.

Harrison’s father was born in Manhattan, New York, of three quarters Irish and one quarter German ancestry. Harrison’s mother, also born in New York, was Jewish, the daughter of Jewish emigrants from Minsk, Belarus (at that time, Minsk was part of the Russian Empire). Harrison was raised around both Catholicism (his father’s religion) and Judaism (his mother’s religion). Harrison’s father’s first wife, Celia Mast, was also Jewish.

On Inside the Actors Studio (2000), Harrison humorously stated, “As a man I’ve always felt Irish, as an actor I’ve always felt Jewish.”

Harrison was selected People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 1998. He is the first man of significant Jewish heritage to have been given this title by the magazine (Adam Levine, in 2013, is the second, and David Beckham, in 2015, is the third).

Harrison is married to actress Calista Flockhart. He has five children, one with Calista; two with his former wife, Mary Marquardt; and two with his former wife, screenwriter Melissa Mathison.

Harrison’s paternal grandfather was John Fitzgerald/Edward/H. Ford (the son of Thomas F. Ford and Mary Tuohey/Touhey). John was born in New York, to Irish parents. Thomas was the son of John Ford and Mary Calkins Coggan, who was from County Mayo.

Harrison’s paternal grandmother was Florence Veronica Niehaus/Von Niehaus (the daughter of Charles Niehaus and Della Conway). Florence was born in New York. Charles was of German ancestry. Della was born in New York, to Irish parents, Roger Conway and Bridget Rooney.

Harrison’s maternal grandfather was named Harry Nidelman/Needleman. Harry was born in Minsk, to a Jewish family.

Harrison’s maternal grandmother was Nachama “Annie/Anna” Lifshitz/Lipshitz/Lifschutz (the daughter of Chaim/Khiam Ha Levi “Jacob” Lifshitz and Reisa or Leah Shmerkovitz). Nachama was born in Minsk, to a Jewish family. She met Harrison’s grandfather, born in the same city, in the United States. Chaim was the son of Eliezer Aron Lippman, who was born in Ukmergė, Vilnius, Lithuania, and of a woman whose surname was Halevi.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Ajaxfan says:

    R.I.P my friend

  2. Capricious says:

    I think he would’ve been much attractive if he had dark or hazel eyes…

    • Racial Realist says:

      His eyes are ambiguous and dark enough that in some movies they do look brown or hazel. In most of Star Wars for instance.
      Wasn’t until much later that I realized his eyes were green.

  3. Affellay says:

    wow hes got an earring in his left ear:) wonder why it looks so cheap lol

  4. MickeyCool32 says:

    a surname tells you were your family comes from directly regardless whether they lived in a country they were born in and directly moved from. The family think their irish as in native gaelic irish but they are not, they would be termed anglo-irish.

    • Alice says:

      Mickey – Ireland is an unusual place when it comes to tracking surname origin. Many Irish families (even Gaelic) have names that were translated from their original Gaelic form to English and Ford is one of those names. Ford is quite a common name in Ireland and some of the people could originate from England or be Gaelic. http://www.ancestry.com/name-origin?surname=ford
      Ireland was controlled by England for hundreds of years and there were plantations of English, Welsh, Scottish people into Ireland but also many native names were anglicized. I’m of Irish descent myself and my name is of Norman origin. These people have been in Ireland for centuries and even if the origin is English or Cambro-Norman they are Irish. Many of these names have been in Ireland for nearly a 1000 years and as I said they could have been anglicized from the original Gaelic.

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