Francisco Lachowski

Lachowski in 2011, photo by Sara Cimino

Place of Birth: Curitiba, ParanĂ¡, Brazil

Date of Birth: May 13, 1991

*Polish (father)
*Portuguese, German, possibly other (mother)

Francisco Lachowski is a Brazilian fashion model. He is the son of Maria Costa Lachowski and Roberto Lachowski. His father is of Polish descent and his mother has Portuguese, German, and possibly other, ancestry.

Francisco was born in Curitiba, Brazil, a southern Brazilian city where many of the residents have a European background. The main ethnic groups include Portuguese, German, Polish, Italian and other East European backgrounds.

Francisco is married to French-Canadian model Jessiann Gravel Beland, with whom he has two children.

Francisco’s maternal grandfather is named Silvio Costa.

Francisco’s maternal grandmother is Maria Dominga de Souza (the daughter of Bernardino Manoel de Souza and Maria Joana de Jesus). Francisco’s grandmother Maria was born in Santa Catarina, Brazil.


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