Angélica Kvieczynski

Birth Name: Angélica Cristine Kvieczynski

Place of Birth: Toledo, Paraná, Brazil

Date of Birth: 1 September, 1991

Ethnicity: Brazilian [Polish, German, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, possibly other]

Angélica Kvieczynski is a Brazilian individual rhythmic gymnast.

She is the daughter of Ana Luiza Erdman/Erdmann and Dalito Kvieczynski. She has stated that her surname is of Polish origin, and that she also has German, Russian, and Italian ancestry.

Two of Angélica’s maternal great-grandparents were Altair Taborda Lopes and Lúcia Manfron. The surnames Taborda and Lopes indicate Portuguese ancestry. Manfron is an Italian surname, from Veneto.

Angélica is pictured with her mother, husband, and sister here.


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  1. stlucas says:

    True, myself included. Great-grandma hailed from Treviso.

  2. andrew says:

    “Manfron” is definitely an Italian surname from Veneto (many Southern Brazilians have ancestry from that region you know)

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