Mahmood in 2019, photo by G.L./

Birth Name: Alessandro Mahmoud

Place of Birth: Milan, Italy

Date of Birth: 12 September, 1992

*Egyptian (father)
*Sardinian (mother)

Mahmood is an Italian singer and songwriter, He represented Italy in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, placing second. His father, Ahmed, is Egyptian and his mother, Anna Frau, is from Orosei, a village on the island of Sardinia. Mahmood said that he does not speak Arabic but speaks Sardinian fluently.


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  1. Manila says:

    He was placed second in 2019,, but he will represent again this year.

  2. andrew says:

    Muricansrallmutts brotha.

  3. Akwaba says:

    His mother’s name is Anna Frau. Her last name sounds very German but is common in Sardinia, interesting !

  4. andrew says:

    This guy was the nightmare of right-wing Italians when he won Sanremo Music Festival.

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