Emile Hirsch

Hirsch in 2011, image via kathclick/Bigstock.com

Birth Name: Emile Davenport Hirsch

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: March 13, 1985

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish (paternal grandfather), English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, German, remote French

Emile Hirsch is an American actor. He is known for starring in the films The Emperor’s Club, The Girl Next Door, Alpha Dog, Into the Wild, Speed Racer, Killer Joe, and The Autopsy of Jane Doe, among many others.

Emile is the son of Margaret, a visual artist, and David Hirsch, an entrepreneur and producer. Emile’s paternal grandfather was Jewish (of German Jewish and English Jewish descent). Emile also has English, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, German, and remote French, ancestry. Emile has a son.

Emile’s paternal grandfather was Milton Morris Hirsch (the son of Gustav Hirsch and Katherine “Kate”/”Katie” Ross). Milton was born in New York. Gustav was born in New York, to German Jewish parents, Moses Hirsch and Hannah, who were from Prussia. Katherine was born in New York, the daughter of Emanual/Emanuel Ross and Rebecca Nelson, who were of English Jewish/German Jewish background.

Emile’s paternal grandmother was Doris Lucille Morgan (the daughter of Charles W. Morgan and Tahama Jewel Dimick/Dimmick). Doris was born in California. Tahama was the daughter of Augusta Rhoda Dimmick.

Emile’s maternal grandfather was John Scott Davenport (the son of Omer Earl Davenport and Mary Margaret Baldis). John was born in Illinois. Omer was the son of William/Willilam Ashbury/Asbury Davenport and Sarah Cordialia/Cordelia Ann Parkhurst. Mary Margaret was the daughter of Allen Burton Baldis and Julia Susan Walker.

Emile’s maternal grandmother was Dorothy Matilda Milliken (the daughter of James Douglas Milliken and Esther Mae Lang). Dorothy was born in Illinois. James was the son of David Milliken, whose parents were emigrants from Northern Ireland, and of Alice Belle Palmer.

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  1. andrew says:

    has French (remote) ancestry too, from his great-great-great-grandmother: https://www.wikitree.com/genealogy/Lakin-Family-Tree-332

  2. Fatmonkey says:

    To follers: The deal is, whenever I seem to be on the verge of finding out someone’s further ancestry, the site admins show me the note that I must pay a certain fee and become the member of genealogical site which I wish to use. I try my best to expand my genealogical knowledge without paying money, but that one, evidently, is rarely a success. It actually means that there are no genealogical trees (in the U.S. and Western Europe, anyway) which haven’t been documented, but only those that you haven’t “purchased” with you own money – implying that (nowadays) you aren’t able even to know your very ancestry for free. It’s just as nonsensical and ironic as it is customary!

    • follers says:

      You can use familysearch.org, which is totally free. I don’t pay any money to any website (at the moment).

      At least you know Cindy Crawford’s roots now.

  3. Fatmonkey says:

    An ancestress of Emile’s, Margaret Debruhler, was the mother-in-law of Henry Hoover Davenport; Henry was the direct ancestor of Emile’s mother, Margaret Davenport.

    The origin of the surname ‘Debruhler’ remained a mystery to me ever since. Some other family trees mentioning Lakins, Davenports, and other related surnames, indicate her surname was ‘Debruler’ (without ‘h’). On one of the few-numbered sites explaining the surname origin, DeBruhler (as well as its variants Debrular, Debruler, etc.) is of French origin.

    Can all this be enough to make Emile part French, though?

    • Fatmonkey says:

      Oh, and I ommitted to add: Margaret Debruler’s mother was Permeila Simmons, said to have come from the family of Irish immigrants.

      • follers says:

        Was Permeila Simmons Irish? Her genealogy doesn’t seem very Irish.

        Margaret’s father, John DeBruler, was born in Maryland, c. 1750. I have a hard time finding the immigrant ancestor of this family?

        Have you found anything on Emile’s father’s side? That is the bigger mystery.

        • Fatmonkey says:

          Unfortunately, no. I actually wonder how you managed to obtain information about his paternal grandparents in the first place (I’ve searched for their names on the genealogy sites before and haven’t found them). It sure is frustrating when celebrities have one parent whose ancestry is almost totally documented and known, and the other whose ancestry is a mystery. E.g. I examined the ancestry of Cindy Crawford: on her father’s side I discovered some generations ranging back to medieval England, whereas for her mother’s side I only found the names of her grandparents (not even her mat. grandmother’s maiden name).

  4. andrew says:

    Morgan is a classic Welsh surname

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