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LOS ANGELES - MAY 10:  Doutzen Kroes arrives at the Victoria's S

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Place of Birth: Eastermar, Tytsjerksteradiel, Friesland, Netherlands

Date of Birth: 23 January, 1985

Ethnicity: Dutch/Frisian

Doutzen Kroes is a Dutch model, actress, activist, and philanthropist. She was born in the village of Eastermar (Dutch: Oostermeer), in the province of Friesland, the Netherlands, to a Frisian family.

Her father, Johannes Auke Gijsbertus Hendrik “Johan” Kroes, is a psychotherapist. Her mother, Geartsje Leistra, is a nurse, then a teacher. She is married to Sunnery James Gorré, who is a DJ. The couple has two children.

Doutzen’s paternal grandfather was Douwe Kroes (the son of Rein Warners Kroes and Ytje Douwes Halbesma). Rein was the son of Warner Jans Kroes and Aukje Reins Kuipers. Ytje was the daughter of Douwe Wiegers Halbesma and Hiltje Eintes Annema.

Doutzen’s paternal grandmother was Reinskje “Zus” Weilinga (the daughter of Taeke Jan Jans Wielinga and Maaike Johannes Noordhoff). Taeke was the son of Jan Taekes Wielinga and Reinskje Frankes van Dijk. Maaike was the daughter of Johannes Gijsbertus Noordhoff and Marijke Sierks Goedemoed.

Doutzen’s maternal grandfather was Libbe Leistra (the son of Jentje Martens Leistra and Geertje Izaaks de Haan). Jentje was the son of Marten Douwes Leistra and Minke Jentjes van Es. Geertje was the daughter of Izaak Wieberens de Haan and Lamkje Heins van der Sluis.

Doutzen’s maternal grandmother was Doutzen Kloosterman (the daughter of Gerrit Eelses Kloosterman and Elisabeth Alberts van Ruiten). Gerrit was the son of Eelse Hylkes Kloostermann and Willemke Gerrits de Vries. Elisabeth was the daughter of Albert Reimers van Ruiten and Doutzen Jans Bruinsma.

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