Ashlynn Yennie

Yennie in 2016, photo by cvanwagoner/

Place of Birth: Riverton, Wyoming, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 15, 1985

Ethnicity: English, German, Swiss-German, Dutch/Frisian, Irish, Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, 1/16th Danish, 1/32 Swedish

Ashlynn Yennie is an American actress. She has appeared on the series Submission and in the film The Human Centipede, among other titles.

She is married to actor, producer, and writer Michael Mattera, with whom she has one child.

Ashlynn’s paternal grandfather is Gerald A. “Gerry” Yennie (the son of Albert Henry Yennie and Essie Elma Nicol). Gerald was born in Minnesota. Albert was born in Minnesota, the son of Milton Yennie, who was from Sool, Glarus, Switzerland, and of Katherine Hansen, who was from Viborg, Denmark. Essie was born in Wyoming, the daughter of Francis Ball Nicol and Frances Helena Moser.

Ashlynn’s paternal grandmother is Roberta Dion “Bobbie” Terpstra (the daughter of Donald Andrew Terpstra and Viola Frances Heiffner). Roberta was born in California. Donald was born in Iowa, the son of Andrew Garrett Terpstra, whose parents were from the Netherlands, and of Sarah Ellen Howell. Viola was born in Iowa, the daughter of Lewis Castor Heiffner/Heifner and Ina Elizabeth Stockwell.

Ashlynn’s maternal grandfather was Raymond Dean Hahn (the son of Virgil Byrl Hahn and Olive Ruth Brownmiller). Raymond was born in Iowa. Virgil was born in Iowa, the son of Clarence W. Hahn and Berdella Conley. Olive was born in Iowa, the daughter of John William Brownmiller and Cora Belle McCanon.

Ashlynn’s maternal grandmother is Jean Morse (the daughter of Warren Calvin Morse and Georgia Olive Williams). Jean was born in Iowa. Warren was born in Iowa, the son of Alanson Mervin Morse and Emmagene Jane “Emma” Prentice, whose mother was English. Georgia was born in Iowa, the daughter of Edward Albert Williams, whose parents were from Sweden and Ireland, and of Myrtle Emma Kellison.

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