Marissa Von Bleicken

Birth Name: Marissa C. Von Bleicken

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 30, 1991

Ethnicity: German, English, Dutch [including Frisian], some Scottish and Danish, possibly some Irish

Marissa Von Bleicken is an American singer, actress, and model.

Marissa’s paternal grandfather was Bleick Uwe von Bleicken (the son of Rudolf Traugott Bleicken and Anna Reinecke). Bleick was born in Africa, in a former German colony, to German parents. Rudolf was from Bredstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, and was the son of Bleick Matthias Bleicken and Sophie Emilie Simonsen. Anna was the daughter of Theodor Reinecke and Adolfine Keuffel, who were from Lower Saxony.

Marissa’s paternal grandmother was Anita Mary Boldt (the daughter of August A. Boldt and Mary Grace Day). Anita was born in Hensdale, New Hampshire. August was a German emigrant, from Frankfurt, Hessen. Mary was the daughter of Hoyt Harris Day and Mary Minerva Doolittle, who were of Colonial American (English) ancestry.

Marissa’s maternal grandfather was Edward Alger Taylor (the son of Mark Cornell Taylor and Marjorie Rosamund Alger). Edward was born in Detroit, Michigan. Mark was the son of John Cornell Taylor and Ella Maria Liddell, whose father was the son of Scottish parents. Marjorie was born in Canada, to English parents, Edward William Alger, from Westminster, Middlesex, and Annie Emily Manning, from Yorkshire.

Marissa’s maternal grandmother was Betty Rose Klooster (the daughter of Edward Klooster and Beatrice Ellen Powels). Betty was born Ellsworth, Michigan. Edward was the son of Dutch parents, Hinke Koenes Klooster and Fannie Elzinga. Beatrice was the daughter of Charles J. Powels/Powles, whose parents were from England, and of Mary Haan, who herself was the daughter of Dutch parents.

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