Chloe Lanier

Birth Name: Chloe Renee Lanier

Place of Birth: Texas, U.S. (possibly)

Date of Birth: November 3, 1992

Ethnicity: English, German, Irish, distant French

Chloe Lanier is an American actress.

Chloe is the daughter of Judy and Timothy Lanier.

Chloe’s paternal grandfather was named William Charles “Billy” Lanier.

Chloe’s paternal grandmother was Merle Ostwalt (the daughter of Emmett Hoyle Ostwalt and Annie Gertrude Rogers). Merle was born in North Carolina. Emmett was born in North Carolina, the son of John Pressley Ostwalt and Emma Virginia “Jennie” Suther. Annie was born in North Carolina, the daughter of Robert Lee Rogers and Victoria Augusta Robbins.

Chloe’s maternal grandfather was Ervin Monroe Schulze (the son of Rudolph Paul Schulze and Laura Clara Biels/Bielss). Ervin was born in Texas. Rudolph was born in Texas, to German parents, August Schulze and Mary. Chloe’s great-grandmother Laura was born in Texas, the daughter of Wilhelm Theodore “Willie” Biels, whose parents were German, and of Laura Mann/Menn.

Chloe’s maternal grandmother was Mildred Janice Delano (the daughter of Adrian Martin Delano and Winnie Hilliard/Hillyard). Mildred was born in Texas. Adrian was born in Texas, the son of James Andrew Allison Delano and Hester A. Stagner. Winnie was born in Texas, the daughter of George Edward Hilliard and Janie Losie Curry.

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