Brinke Stevens

Stevens in 2007, photo by s_bukley/

Birth Name: Charlene Elizabeth Brinkman

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 20, 1954

Ethnicity: German, Irish, English, some French/French-Canadian, possibly other

Brinke Stevens is an American actress, model, and writer. She is known for her well over one hundred roles in B-movies, especially horror and science fiction.

Her parents were from Missouri, and were of mostly of German, Irish, English, and French/French-Canadian descent. She was raised in Crest, California. Her surname is from her former husband, illustrator and comics artist Dave Stevens. She has a daughter.

She has stated (at the 3:17 mark) that her “heritage is German.” She has also said:

I’m three-quarters German and one-quarter Mongolian — small, dark, with olive skin and almond eyes. The rest of my family is tall, pale, blond, and blue-eyed. The neighbors all falsely assumed my parents had adopted a Korean orphan.

It is not clear if this Mongolian ancestry has been verified/documented.

Brinke’s paternal grandfather was named Charles Henry Brinkman (the son of Charles Brinkman). Brinke’s grandfather Charles was born in Missouri, to German parents.

Brinke’s paternal grandmother was Sarah “Sadie” Maxwell (the daughter of William Sherman Maxwell and Sarah E. Richardson). Sarah was born in Missouri. William was born in Missouri, the son of David Maxwell and Elizabeth Himelick. Brinke’s great-grandmother Sarah was born in Missouri, the daughter of Joseph H. Richardson and Eliza O. Hall.

Brinke’s maternal grandfather was Albert Henry Siebke (the son of Gustav W. Siebke and Carolina S. Freimuth). Albert was born in Missouri. Gustav was born in Missouri, to German parents, Henry Siebke and Elizabeth Louisa Balke. Carolina was born in Missouri, also to German parents, Frederick Freimuth and Caroline Neuhaus.

Brinke’s maternal grandmother was Elisabeth/Elizabeth Rose Matilda “Lizzie” Biehle (the daughter of William Biehle and Marietta Maude “Mary” Bowen). Elisabeth was born in Illinois. William was born in Germany, the son of Jos Biehle. Marietta was born in Illinois, the daughter of Billingsley Bowen and Sarah Ann Brackett.

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