Cathryn Michon

Birth Name: Cathryn Susan Michon

Date of Birth: July 3, 1961

*English, French-Canadian, Scottish, Irish, distant German (father)
*Ashkenazi Jewish (mother)

Cathryn Michon is an American filmmaker, actress, writer, and comedian. She is the daughter of Evelyn “Evie” (Kramer) and Alfred Edmond “Ted” Michon.

Cathryn’s paternal grandfather was Alfred Edgar Michon (the son of Alfred Michon and likely Isabell/Isabella Curtis). Alfred was born in New York, to French-Canadian parents. Isabell was the daughter of William H. Curtis and Sarah, who was born in New York, to an English father and an Irish mother.

Cathryn’s paternal grandmother was Mary Hazel Armstrong (the daughter of Vernon Burdette Armstrong and Bertha Minetta MacMillan). Mary was born in Kings, Nova Scotia, Canada, and had English, Scottish, and distant German, ancestry. Vernon was the son of Manning Edward Armstrong and Augusta Amelia/Whitman Banks. Bertha was the daughter of James McMillan and Mary Broughn.

Cathryn’s maternal grandfather was Maurice H. Kramer (the son of Jacob Isaac Kramer and Otilia Knasha). Maurice was the son of Russian Jewish parents. Jacob was the son of Morris Kramer and Ella Nesson. Otilia was the daughter of Walwyd Knasha and Miriam Grenadier.

Cathryn’s maternal grandmother was Ida Strymish (the daughter of Israel Strymish and Eva Bryn Golicker). Ida was the daughter of Polish Jewish parents. Israel was the son of Moses Strymish. Eva was the daughter of Morris Golick and Ida Rosenfield.

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