Catalina Sandino Moreno

LOS ANGELES - JUL 08:  Catalina Sandino Moreno arrives to the "T

Moreno in 2013, photo by DFree/

Place of Birth: Bogotá, Colombia

Date of Birth: April 19, 1981

Ethnicity: Colombian

Catalina Sandino Moreno is a Colombian actress. Her roles include the films Maria Full of Grace, Journey to the End of the Night, Paris, je t’aime, Fast Food Nation, The Hottest State, Che, Magic Magic, Swelter, Incarnate, and The Quarry, and the shows The Affair and From.

She is the daughter of Martha Moreno and Raúl Sandino. Catalina is married to David Elwell, with whom she has one child.

She is the first person born in the 1980s to have been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress (for Maria Full of Grace, 2004). Anna Paquin is the first person born in the decade to have received an acting nomination, Best Supporting Actress in 1993, which she won.

Catalina, Yalitza Aparicio (for Roma, 2018), Ariana DeBose (for West Side Story, 2021), Ana de Armas (for Blonde, 2022), and America Ferrera (for Barbie, 2023), are thus far the only actors of Latin-American descent born after 1980 to have been nominated for an acting Oscar, with Ariana winning.

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  1. andrew says:

    “I’m a real Euro from Europe”: fai ridere i polli. Vieni da un posto piuttosto esotico nel contesto europeo, dove i locali sono stati oltretutto studiati per le loro caratteristiche somatiche peculiari (i Beridi appunto), quindi ripetere quella frasetta è esilarante.
    Ah, visto che me lo hai chiesto alcune volte, vengo dalla Toscana.

    • andrew says:

      Si in effetti sono sudamericano perché non ho mai sentito la parola “scrauso”. Giuro.

      Si i sardi sono oggetti di vari studi da sempre: linguistici, genetici, archeologici, antropologici.

      Un patrimonio culturale unico, mentre te spari cagate su Spagnoli e Arabi.

  2. Textine says:

    To put it bluntly: finding a Venezuelan, or— in a broader sense, a Latin American with ancestry within the country going back at least 75 years (and I’m being generous here), and excluding immigrants, with NO Amerindian admixture at all, is like finding a needle in a haystack; this also includes people who primarily identify themselves with their African heritage. She simply doesn’t have facial features that could have come from a European source. There are few fully European descended Latin Americans—she’s not one of them.

  3. anen87 says:

    Mix is mix. Check the Spanish caste system that particular mixture is called “Harnizo”. And Only the “Criollos” were considered the same as Spaniards ethnically.

    And just FYI neither Eva Longoria nor Jessica Alba are of direct Spanish descent because they are Women and women don’t carry or pass down to their children paternal lineage Y DNA. Jessica’s mexican dad paternal line belongs to Haplogroup Q which is Native American in origin not Spanish and she is mostly of Northwest european ancestry because her mom is a white-Canadian. Eva Longoria belongs to Haplogroup A2 which means she descends from a Native American Woman.

    Spanish women belong to Haplogroup H which is a Europe haplogroup.

  4. jonasbsjr says:

    looks full southern spanish

  5. andrew says:

    parents: Raúl Sandino and Martha Moreno

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