Adam Garcia

"Shrek the Musical" UK Press Night

Birth Name: Adam Gabriel Garcia

Place of Birth: Wahroonga, Sydney, Australia

Date of Birth: June 1, 1973

*Colombian (father)
*Scottish, possibly other (mother)

Adam Garcia is an Australian actor, singer, and dancer. His father, Fabio Benjamin Garcia, is Colombian. His mother, Jean Balharry, is Australian. The surname Balharry is Scottish.

He is married to Nathalia Chubin, who is British-born.

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Lil Vacha

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  1. andrew says:

    birth date: June 1st, 1973

    parents: Fabio Benjamin Garcia and Jean Balharry

    “Balharry” is Scottish

    possible ancestors:


    There u go again with the “anglo”..WTF!?! So like ryan cabrera he is only half Colombian and the other parent white.

    • marjanel says:

      If their mother is of Engish ancestry, then they will write English. What is the problem?
      And why always are you saying the other parent white? Do you know the races of their fathers or if they are white too?
      Latino is not a race and the only Pure Blood latinos were the Romans.

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