Cash Warren

Warren with wife Jessica Alba in 2011, s_bukley /

Birth Name: Cash Garner Warren

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: January 10, 1979

*father – African-American
*mother – English, Irish, Scottish, German, distant Welsh

Cash Warren is an American film producer.

He is the son of Sue Ellen and actor and college basketball player Michael Warren (Lloyd Michael Warren). His father, who is from South Bend, Indiana, is African-American. His mother, who is from Los Angeles, California, is white, with English, Irish, Scottish, German, and distant Welsh, ancestry. A picture of Michael’s father can be seen here. A picture of Michael with his mother and sister can be seen here.

Cash is married to actress, model, and businessperson Jessica Alba, with whom he has three children.

Cash’s paternal grandfather was Grayson Renzo Warren (the son of Walter Loyd Warren and A. D. Palmer). Grayson was born in Kentucky. Walter was the son of Ruben Warren and Fannie F. Beachum. A. D. was born in Mississippi.

Cash’s paternal grandmother was Ellen Edna Benson (the daughter of Henry Silas Benson and Arrilla Jessie Crandall). Ellen was born in Mississippi. Henry was the son of Henry Benson and Ellen Allen. Arrilla was born in Louisiana.

Cash’s maternal grandfather was Roth Jeffrey Narramore (the son of Drew Madison Narramore and Beatrice Lena Jeffrey). Roth was born in Kansas. Drew was the son of William Andrew Narramore and Ada Anderson. Beatrice was the daughter of Joseph J. Jeffrey and Alice Amanda Burdick.

Cash’s maternal grandmother was Patricia Ann Daugherty (the daughter of James Arthur Daugherty and Evelyn Tyree Cohenour). Patricia was born in Missouri. James was the son of James F. Daugherty and Susan M. Flannery. Evelyn was the daughter of John T. Cohenour and Della B. Satterlee.

Source: Genealogy of Cash Warren –


Curious about ethnicity

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  1. Island_Neni says:

    Is his biological mom really Jenny Palacios? Palacios is a Chamorro (natives of Guam) last name, and only so that I know of.

  2. Jem says:

    Seriously Americans are so full of it….Hello being mixed race does not mean you have to look a certain way…I agree with @czy travel and see the world, you’ll then get better acquainted with life and then will be better able not to make silly comments like this

  3. Reitaa 'Latina' Rodriguez says:

    He definitely looks more white. Maybe his dad is half black half white and his mother is white. That’s why their children are so white. Just saying…:)

    • emocupcake says:

      I know this is an old comment, but no. Cash’s father is not half black. He is a full black man. Do you even know who his father is? Michael Warren. He was an actor. And lots of half black people don’t look black at all. It means nothing. Rashida Jones, Wentworth Miller etc. Black and mixed people come in a billion different colors. There is even a South Korean singer/rapper named Yoon Mi Rae. Her father is black, mother is korean. Yet she looks almost full korean but with a slick tan complexion and curly hair.

      • LoLo A says:

        His dad could be mixed. Seeing how American slaves from Africa were mostly from West Africa, his dad certainly looks like he could have a large percentage of non-African DNA.

        Cash doesn’t look more White to me. He looks mixed. Does his hair need to have tighter curls for folks to see this? People should really change their perspective to consider that mixed is a range of looks. It’s not just about looking Black, White, or Mestizo. If you’re in America, there are so many mixed possibilities with West African, European, Native American (which Latinos tend to have a high percentage of DNA), etc. Instead of putting people into pre-existing categories, let’s just let people be mixed. (And yes, Mestizo is mixed, but it’s specific to being Latino and from a Spanish-Speaking country.)

  4. czj says:

    RD you are very ignorant. Not all people of certain ethnicities look alike. Cash is african american and caucasian go out and travel and see different types of people!

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