Caleb Emery

LOS ANGELES – MAY 19: Emery at the American Icon Awards at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on May 19, 2019 in Beverly Hills, CA, photo by kathclick/

Birth Name: Caleb Ryan Emery

Place of Birth: Florida, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 28, 1993

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Irish, some German and French

Caleb Emery is an American actor. His roles include the series Hunters, Good Girls, and Young Sheldon, and the films Where’s the Money and Summer of 84.

Caleb’s maternal grandfather was Delbert Lee Bobbitt (the son of Judson Bobbitt and Daisy Pearl Rawlinson/Williamson). Delbert was born in Ohio. Judson was born in Ohio, the son of George Edward Bobbitt and Martha Elizabeth Taylor. Daisy as born in Ohio.

Caleb’s maternal grandmother was Phyllis Irene Priest (the daughter of Noble L. Priest and Flora E. Moore). Phyllis was born in Ohio. Noble was born in Ohio, the son of Andrew Thompson Priest and Cordelia Ladd. Flora was born in Ohio, the daughter of John Wallace Moore and Dora Lee Hodge.

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