Bronson Pinchot

Pinchot (on the left) with Mark Linn-Baker, 1987, photo credit: Alan Light

Birth Name: Bronson Alcott Pinchot

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: May 20, 1959

*father – Russian, possibly Russian Jewish
*mother – Italian

Bronson Pinchot is an American actor, and audiobook narrator. His roles include Perfect Strangers and Stephen King’s The Langoliers.

His mother, Rosina (Asta), was of Italian descent. His father, Henry Benjamin Pinchot, grew up in France but was of Russian descent, possibly Russian Jewish. Henry’s family adopted a French surname while living in France. The original family surname is sometimes listed as Poncharavsky.

He was raised mostly in South Pasadena, California.


Curious about ethnicity

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